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Loyola’s reciprocal exchange program in Melbourne, Australia offers motivated, dynamic students the chance to experience life on the other side of the world. Deakin University is a large, bustling, modern campus, with students coming from both local and global locations to study. Situated in the Australian state of Victoria, Melbourne is a hub of multiculturalism where students will experience rich diversity both on-campus and off. The active city life, as well as lush countryside and beaches, provide ample opportunities for students to take advantage of all the culture and sights that Melbourne has to offer. Check out Study Melbourne, a website written by students, for students, for more information and tips about spending a semester in Melbourne.

University Affiliation

One of the top universities in Australia, Deakin University is a leading institution with a diverse student body and keen focus on helping students gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. Deakin has placed at the top of student satisfaction university listings multiple years in a row, as well as ranking 214th in the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), putting Deakin in the top 2% of the world’s universities. With an eye toward globalization and technological innovation, Loyola students would have the chance to interact with a large international student population at a top-ranked university. Deakin’s commitment to student learning and well-being has given them an esteemed reputation within Australia and the international higher education community.

Interested students should visit Deakin’s website for Exchange and Study Abroad Students for further information and details.

The University Environment

Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria, is a culturally diverse hub that offers a multitude of energetic communities. Deakin has a total of four campuses, each a unique and exciting version of life on the Australian coast:

Geelong Waterfront

Deakin University's waterfront campus allows students to feel close to the sea, but a distance from Melbourne (about 1 hour away). Nearby to both beautiful beaches and downtown Geelong, students will be able to experience the best of both worlds while they study.  

Geelong Waurn Ponds

Situated in a more rural location, the Waurn Ponds campus offers students wide open spaces, impressive facilities, and a bus ride's distance from the waterfront. While completing coursework, students can visit the Twelve Apostles limestone formations as well as the Student Spiritual Center located in the historic Deakin Chapel. 

Melbourne Burwood

Students will be right at the heart of Deakin University – as well as 30 minutes away from a variety of urban and rural scenes to experience -  on the Melbourne Burwood campus, a bustling scene of student activity and the closest campus to the city life of Downtown Melbourne. 


Located on the banks of the Hopkins River, Warrnambool Campus provides students easy access to many outdoor activities, as well as downtown Warrnambool. On this campus, students will be surrounded by a close-knit community of students, staff, in addition to local, friendly Warrnambool population.

Academic Calendar

Deakin operates on a trimester schedule, with the following trimester/month correspondence:

Trimester 1: March - June (Spring semester)

Trimester 2: July - October (Fall semester)

Application to multiple, rather than single, trimesters is possible, but must be approved by both Loyola OIP and Deakin University.

Academics and Curriculum Type

Deakin University offers a wide variety of courses for students to choose from. At Deakin, 1 course credit is equivalent to 3 Loyola course credits, and to maintain full-time student status, students will need to take between 3-4 courses during their exchange program. Students have the option to take courses in:

  • Fine Arts
  • Education
  • Business
  • Law
  • Health
  • Science
  • Engineers
  • Built Environment and Architecture

Deakin University has compiled a list of recommended courses ideal for exchange students, as these do not require prerequisite courses or extra assessments. Additionally, course listings will inform students which campuses the course is offered on. 

Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 in order to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who study abroad on Global Exchange programs should prepare for a highly independent and immersive experience. You will take courses with host university faculty and be held to the same academic policies and standards as local students. Academic support will vary across programs and often differs from the support you receive at Loyola. While the coursework and support may be different than what you are used to in the U.S., the grades you receive abroad will still factor into your LUC GPA.  Check out our policies page for more information on academics.

For further information, students should review Deakin’s academic information webpage.

Deakin offers a number of housing options to students during the course of their studies. Interested students should be mindful of which campuses their chosen courses are offered on and make certain that they are selecting housing with appropriate campus proximity:

On-Campus Residences

Study Abroad students can choose between residing on one of Deakin's three campuses, which all offer modern living spaces within walking distance of their respective impressive facilities. Regardless of which residence is chosen, students will always be provided a private room, with either in unit or on site kitchen and laundry, as well as easy access to university gyms, libraries, cafes, and more.

Geelong Waurn Ponds

Students may choose from numerous residence options at Geelong Waurn Ponds campus - studio apartment, a room in a shared unit, two bedroom townhouses, three bedroom apartments, or dorm style, all of which are mixed-gender.

Melbourne Burwood

At Melbourne Burwood, students can choose to live in their choice of single-gender or mixed-gender residences. Single and two-bedroom studio apartments, shared apartments, and shared units are all available options.


Studio apartments and shared units make up Warrnambool's on-campus living arrangements. All are mixed-gender. 

Off-Campus Accommodation

Students looking to immerse themselves in the local life while they pursue their educational interests can choose to find non-university housing. Off-campus residences and homestays near each campus in various urban, suburban, and rural locations can be a great way to revel in a more independent, study abroad experience. 

Students looking to live off-campus should review Deakin University's online guide to off-campus accommodation. Deakin provides a wealth of resources to aid students seeking an off-campus living situation. 

Students choose their housing preference in the online Study Abroad/Exchange application. Students planning to live off-campus should plan to arrive in Melbourne earlier than their exchange program start date to find housing. For more information, students should visit Deakin’s accommodation guide website.

Program Cost

Loyola Tuition

Student Visa (approximate) - $420.00

Deakin Housing (weekly approximate range):

  • Geelong Waurn Ponds: $168-$190
  • Melbourne Burwood: $192-$217
  • Warrnambool: $153-$175

Loyola (OIP) Fee—$100 for trimester/semester and year-long programs.

CISI Insurance - $300 per semester, $600 per year

Overseas Student Health Cover Insurance- $221/trimester (as of 2017)*
*This is a compulsory fee for all students entering Australia on a student visa and must be purchased prior to being granted a student visa.

Financial Aid

Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal PLUS Loans, IL Monetary Award Program Grant (MAP), Loyola University Chicago Grants and Scholarships, and Alternative Loans can all be applied to your study abroad tuition.

Application Process

1. Submit the LUC Study Abroad Application

2. Once your Loyola Study Abroad Application is approved, OIP will email instructions for the Deakin University Application. 


Loyola Study Abroad for Fall: March 15

Loyola Study Abroad for Spring: October 15

Deakin University Application for Trimester 2/Fall (July – October): April 10 

*While Deakin University will have alternate deadlines, all Loyola students must adhere to both Loyola University and Deakin deadlines

For more information about this program please contact:

Jacob Schoofs

Study Abroad Advisor