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Study Abroad

Study Abroad Policies

Policies outlined on this page apply only to the following Loyola Global Partner, Global Exchange and Petition programs.

Course Approvals

All graded courses taken on Loyola study abroad programs will count toward your Loyola degree. Courses for students on Global Partner programs of Global Exchanges count as general electives unless you seek approval through the Study Abroad Course Approval Process for them to count toward your major, minor or toward Core, Engaged Learning or other curriculum requirements.

Credit Acceptance 

The Office for International Programs will accept the credit directly from any approved Loyola study abroad program. This means that study abroad credit will show up on the Loyola transcript. It is not considered transfer credit. Also, students are considered in residence while abroad. 

Course Offerings Abroad

To find out about the types of courses offered during a particular study abroad program, please refer to each program’s detailed informational page, linked from our List of Programs.

Enrollment in Courses Abroad

For academic semester or year study abroad programs, students must enroll for the equivalent of a full-time course load (minimum of 12 Loyola credit hours per semester) while abroad. "Course Enrollment Guidelines" are available in the Office for International Programs to help you determine what constitutes a full course load for your program.

For summer programs, there is no minimum or maximum credit load required, unless otherwise specified in the materials provided for your program.

Please note that for many programs, "course schedules" are not part of the culture and not commonly available for student use, and you should expect to officially choose and enroll in courses after arriving in your host country.

Enrollment Status at Loyola While Abroad

All Loyola students attending Global Partner and Global Exchange programs will be enrolled in an Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS 300X) placeholder course. This course generally carries 12 credits hours for semester and year abroad programs, which is the minimum for full time enrollment status at Loyola (although if you need to be enrolled in 15 credits for financial aid purposes please contact the Office for International Programs (OIP)). The placeholder course for summer programs generally carries 6 credit hours. The Office for International Programs will register you for the placeholder course at the end of the semester prior to your term abroad. You will notice that the INDS 300X course will appear in LOCUS for the duration of your program abroad. Once the Office for International Programs receives the official transcript for your study abroad program, the placeholder course will be removed and the actual courses, grades and credit amounts will be entered by the Registration and Records office into LOCUS. It is important you understand that the credit hours posted for the placeholder course are not necessarily a reflection of the number of credit hours that you will receive for your study abroad program.

Grading Policies

Grades for all study abroad courses will show up on your transcript and factor into your cumulative Loyola GPA.

Many international universities do not use the same grading system as Loyola. The Office for International Programs will determine grade equivalents for all foreign grades received on study abroad transcripts. For API, CIS, USAC, IES, SIT and SRAS programs, Loyola receives your transcripts with the grades already converted, and Loyola will use these converted grades for posting to your Loyola transcript. To find out how Loyola will convert your grades from the foreign grades, contact the OIP to request a grade conversion guide for your program.

Grades received on study abroad programs will be subject to each individual Loyola school or college’s policies regarding minimum grades needed for a course to count toward your major, minor, Core or other degree requirement.

Pass/No Pass Requests

Pass/No Pass Requests: Pass No Pass Policy. In general, by the end of the second week of classes (for semester students) and the end of the first week of classes (for summer student) of your study abroad program, you must have requested and gotten your request approved by your advisor or dean for a course to count as pass/no pass. OIP can verify to your dean or advisor the specific dates of your program upon request.

Limit to Number of Terms Abroad

Students may participate in up to two academic semesters abroad, and an unlimited number of summers, on Loyola approved programs. Students who wish to participate in a third semester abroad, please apply for an appeal.

Non-Sponsored Programs

Loyola has developed a list of programs that it believes to be of very high academic quality and that provide an environment abroad that help students to succeed in their foreign surroundings. Loyola limits student participation to these programs and will not accept the credit from outside study abroad programs.

However, if a student cannot find a Loyola sponsored study abroad program that meets the specific needs and goals, the student may consider going through a petition process in order to attend another program. A Study Abroad Committee will review petitions for approval.

Petitions will be accepted for full year, semester and summer programs. For further information regarding petitions, contact the Office for International Programs at 773.508.3899. The deadlines for submitting a petition are:

Fall and Full-Year Programs: February 15
Summer Programs: February 15
Spring Programs: September 15

Please Note: Students cannot earn credit toward their degree for coursework taken abroad unless they have their program approved through the Office for International Programs. It is not possible to transfer credit in through Loyola academic advising units or the Office for Registration and Records for non-Loyola study abroad programs. 

Transcripts & Study Abroad

After your program has ended, your study abroad program institution will mail Loyola's Office for International Programs an official transcript. Please note that in some cases transcripts from abroad can take several weeks or even months to arrive at our office. If a delay in the arrival of your transcripts and the subsequent uncertainty you may have regarding final course, credit and grade information causes you difficulty in making informed decisions about enrollment for future semesters at Loyola, please contact OIP and we will find out whether the process can be expedited.

When the OIP receives your transcript, we will perform credit and grade conversions as necessary and submit the information to Loyola's Registration and Records office for posting to your Loyola transcript. Titles of your study abroad courses, credit hours and grades will all appear on your Loyola transcript and will factor in to your credit totals and cumulative GPA.

Student Conduct

Student conduct history will factor into a student’s ability to be able to study abroad. The Office for International Programs will review each student’s disciplinary history in conjunction with the Office for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR) in the admission process. Also, students who are on disciplinary probation at the time of application to study abroad may find it especially challenging to be granted permission to go abroad. 

Unauthorized Repeat

You may not enroll in courses abroad that are similar to courses that you have previously taken at Loyola and for which you have earned credit. If in doubt, consult an academic advisor. Courses that you take at Loyola and for which you already have credit will be considered “unauthorized repeats” and will not earn additional credit.