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Jabari McMillon

Host of the “Quinlan Minute,” is a
Student office assistant in OVPSD & Residence Life.
Senior, Accounting & Information Systems

I was born and raised in Chicago, Where I attended Mt. Carmel H.S. (home of the caravan!). I love the city because it offers authentic cultural experiences of a small town and has attractions and nightlife of a world class city. Now we just have to work on the winters!

I’m graduating now! While here I’ve been studying Accounting and Information systems, these majors coupled with our business schools’ core curriculum have helped me to make waves at each company I’ve worked for. Immediately I’m considering working in Home Mortgage or Database Management. Ultimately, I am working to start an Indie Record label, with the hopes of making it publically traded! I want to bring the people their choices in music! I’ve also partnered with a fellow Loyola student to create a brand management firm – Le Pont Group. We’ve already launched our first product; an event planning and sharing network. It’s for students, by students!

I work as a student office assistant in OVPSD and Residence Life. I work with many senior administrators in support of operations of each respective office. I also create and manage websites for both offices. What is unique are the opportunities to spend time and network with people outside of our offices. It is a privilege for me to work with accomplished dedicated professionals; I just hope it rubs off!  Additionally, I am the host of the Quinlan School of business “Quinlan Minute” Show. The show features events and relevant information for students, compressed into one minute or less. My work along with many other efforts has propelled Loyola University Chicago into the top 100 Universities for social media use.

What makes me smile most about Loyola is acceptance and tolerance. No student is EVER given up on. Here, mistakes aren’t magnified, they are used as lessons. I am a living testament to this. I have felt throughout my time here changes to my mind, body and spirit. It’s more than what I do; it’s everything about me that is better off than when I arrived as a first year student. I’m very excited for who I’ve become thanks to OVSPD, Residence Life & the Quinlan School of Business amongst the many people I’ve encountered in the Loyola Community.

I contribute by providing support for other minority youth coming into the university, informally. I also make a point to meet people and seek interactions outside of university events.

I enjoy checking out Ro-Po restaurants and parks; I joined a LBGTQA softball league last summer at Potawatomi Park. Being a native of Chicago, I always brag about knowing the city like the back of my hand, but I find new places all the time. New establishments are always popping up, changing their moniker (or management!), and updating their menus, I pick up a red eye or check out partyskool.com for a ton of events.

I believe Justice is based on a person’s lifetime experiences. Simply put, Justice is honesty in action. Justice exists when people take action; it does not exist without an action and reaction. To me, this includes doing what is right in theory and thinking beyond oneself. Justice is applicable in positive and negative scenarios, it is just to honor a promise you’ve made, and it is also just to act when you see something that your moral compass doesn’t agree with.

I have a better understanding of other people and their religions. I was raised on a very narrow scope. I have been exposed to teachings about acceptance and tolerance which built upon the things I learned in my H.S. theology courses. I have siblings from different faiths, but I no longer fear where we’ll all be at the end of our lives.

On campus, my favorite spot was the old ashtray, which used to be in Weil plaza in front of Mertz. It felt like I met half of Loyola there! Nowadays, I’d say it’s Halas. In Chicago my favorite place is a quiet lakefront cove on the southeast side of the city, in my old neighborhood. It’s right behind La Rabida children’s hospital. I like it because it’s a quiet place that kind of sticks out onto Lake Michigan.

1- Bring paper plates and utensils. 2- Get to know Loyola’s staff and faculty! A lot of the opportunities I’ve been privy to were facilitated by staff or faculty. Remember they were once in sitting in a similar seat as you!

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