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DSDnotes Submission Form


Note: Postings must be submitted by Friday at noon the week before DSDnotes is released.

DSDnotes Submission Form
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  1. Postings must be professionally and directly related to DSD staff; DSDnotes staff have discretion to determine eligibility.
  2. Your posting will show no more than twice; first as “new” then as a previous posting.
  3. A posting may either be a linked flier or as embedded text; both will not be posted. Please indicate your preference.
  4. Each posting must list a contact; if different from the requestor, please indicate.  No more than two contacts, please.
  5. Every posting must have a title of no more than 10 words; please provide a title.
  6. For the body of the posting, please limit information to less than 300 words; the more concise the better.