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Services for Students with Disabilities

Student Academic Services

Implementing Attendance/Deadline Accommodations

Faculty members are an integral part of services for students with disabilities. Faculty shares the responsibility to provide an accessible learning environment for all students. Many accommodations do not require faculty attention. However, certain accommodations require collaboration between faculty, students, and SSWD.

Faculty and SSWD staff are partners in providing accommodations to students. If faculty need assistance or have any concerns that the accommodations interfere with the learning objectives of the course they should contact SSWD to collaborate on how to best serve the student. Faculty should not simply deny an accommodation without first communicating with the SSWD about alternatives.

When analyzing the degree of leniency and extent of flexibility for their course, the Attendance/Deadline Accommodation Guide provides assistance for faculty. 

Please click here for a copy of the Attendance/Deadline Accommodation Guide

Please click here for a copy of the Attendance/Deadline Accommodation Agreement Form to be completed with your students.