Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Graduate Students of Color Alliance (GSCA)

To further pursue Loyola’s mission of diversity, the Graduate Students of Color Alliance (GSCA) was established as an official university organization in 2008. The GSCA originally formed in response to the concerns of graduate students of color on campus, specifically issues related to funding, mentoring and professional development.

The GSCA represents a forum in which these graduate students can access professional and personal support targeted to them and their unique experiences. The GSCA actively promotes and co-sponsors events on campus that bring attention to issues of diversity. Additionally, the GSCA encourages increased enrollment and retention of graduate students of color by organizing professional workshops, promoting mentoring and providing a social network for graduate students of color to meet and work with others who share their academic and personal interests.

GSCA members actively participate in all events, and are welcome to petition future events throughout the year. Meetings are held 1–2 times every semester, and all members keep in regular contact through e-mail. Membership is open to all graduate students at Loyola University.

For more information or to join contact the Graduate Director who will put you in touch with current leaders.

Graduate Director: Kelly Moore (kmoore11@luc.edu)