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Loyola University Chicago Social Work Alumni Board



Our Mission

LUCSSWAB is a group continuing to seek the tradition of transformative social work with individual, groups, committees within the Chicagoland area and beyond. This group seeks to cultivate dynamic experiences, continuing education, networking opportunities for current students, alumni, and environmental systems impacting the social work field.

Group Identity

LUCSSWAB  bases the institutional board on the following principles: equality, commitment to social justice, continuing education, cultivating relationships, and diversity. The board hopes to recognize and highlight alum as effective change agents within the field of practice. The group strives for relationships to prosper and form for the  betterment of the board and community around. These values will guide social workers to serve, lead, and strengthen their knowledge base within the practice to ensure holistic care for of all persons.


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2018 Board Members

Anne Althoff, LCSW
Wellness Center Director,
City Colleges of Chicago
Benjamin (Benji) Marton, LSW
BAM Counselor, Youth Guidance
Clinical Fellow, Lifeworks Psychotherapy
Vice President
Melissa Suzik, LSW
Human Service Caseworker,
State of Illinois
Meagan McCarver, LSW
Clinical Counselor, ComPsych
Social Worker,
Willis Counseling and Consulting
Correspondency Secretary
Kelly McGarry, MSW
School Social Worker,
York High School
Joyce R Weston, LCSW
President and Lead Therapist,
Amaryllis Wellness Services, Inc.
Board Member 
Cordelia Grimes, LCSW
Resource Therapist,
Compass Health Center
Board Member 
Caitlin Crissey, LCSW
Community Care Coordinator,
Meridian Health Plan of IL
Board Member 
Sinda Rosenberg, LSW
Volunteer Bereavement Counselor,
I Grow Chicago 
Board Member 
Courtney Cooke, LCSW
LCSW Program Development Director,
MPAC Healthcare
Board Member 


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