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Digital Ethics Certificate Program

This is a certificate program in digital ethics focusing on the theme of marginalization in the digital realm. The program will focus on issues of discrimination, harassment, marginalization of people because of gender, sexual orientation and identity, or racial-ethnic background in the online environment.

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Who should take the class? 

  • You are providing and sharing content online for yourself or your employer and want to do so in an inclusive and ethical manner
  • You are designing software, websites or content platforms and want to be aware of the ethical ramifications of your design choices
  • You are responsible for implementing, overseeing or managing social media for your organization and want to do so in accordance with your value system
  • You work around issues of inclusion and diversity and want to learn more about how these issues play out in the digital environment
  • You rely on algorithms or other third party software in your interaction with your audiences without reflecting about the ethical decisions this software makes on your behalf
  • Anyone interested in good digital citizenship 


Friday November 9th:  Participants will be attending the 8th annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics which. The symposium features a line up of renowned activists, experts and academics who will present their work on this year’s theme: Ethics from the Margins.

  • Reflect about the insights generated in the symposium and how they are relevant to their professional lives
  • Learn about basic ethical theories and how they can help decision making in the digital era
  • Share experiences and examples about issues of marginalization in the digital context
  • Come up with strategies, procedures, and best practices to reduce marginalization online
  • Work in small groups on case studies related to the topic of marginalization
  • Design the framework for a code of ethics tailored to their professional needs


The certificate program will take place on Loyola Chicago’s beautiful Water Tower campus. 

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About the Instructor

Bastiaan Vanacker is an Associate Professor at Loyola University where he has taught and researched media ethics and law for the last ten years. During this time he has authored and co-edited three books on digital ethics and law and published numerous articles and book chapters. For the last five years, he has been the Program Director for the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy. His approach to ethics refutes the notion that ethics is about teaching students what wrong or right is. Instead, he believes that ethics is a collaborative effort in which we learn from each others’ experiences and insights in developing our own imperfect moral compasses to navigate the ethical challenges presented by the (digital) world.

For a course consultation, please contact us at: LoyolaSOC@luc.edu or 312.915.6548. Prospective students are encouraged to visit our FAQ section.