Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication


The five-year BA/MS program in Advertising/Public Relations and Global Strategic Communication is an interdisciplinary program, offering courses from several departments and schools.

This mandatory sequence does not include Core curriculum requirements, or any minor requirements (if applicable). For such information, please contact your assigned academic advisor.

Abbreviations used below:
COMM = Communication
FNAR = Fine Arts
ISSCM = Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
MARK = Marketing Total

Total Credits Hours: 82

Year 1

Semester I

  • COMM 175: Intro to Communication

Semester II

  • COMM 100: SOC Seminar
  • COMM 200: Communication & New Media
  • COMM 215: Ethics and Communication

Year 2

Semester III

  • COMM 210: Principles of Public Relations
  • COMM 211: Principles of Advertising

Semester IV

  • MARK 201: Principles of Marketing
  • Two Specialized Focus Courses (Chosen from list below)*
*One Specialized Focus Course must be Writing Intensive

Year 3

Semester V

  • Research Course (Chosen from list below)
  • Specialized Focus Course (WI)

Semester VI

  • COMM 391 Ad/PR Internship

Year 4

Semester VII

  • COMM 401: Foundations of Global Strategic Communication
  • COMM 413: Writing for Strategic Communication

Semester VIII

  • AdPR/GSC 300-Level Elective (Chosen from list below)
  • COMM 403: Strategic Communication Research Methods
  • COMM 411: Strategic Communication Ethics & Law

Begin Master's Program

Summer Post Baccalaureate and/or January Two-Week International Study and Immersion

  • COMM 421: Topics in Global Strategic Communication (required once)

Year 5

Semester IX

  • COMM 402: Organizational Leadership & Change Management
  • COMM 431: Campaign Development
  • GSC Elective

Semester X

  • COMM 441: Global Strategic Communication Capstone
  • Two GSC Electives
Major Electives:  
COMM 311: Health Communication
COMM 312: Special Events Planning
COMM 313: Corporate & Organization Communication
COMM 314: Public Relations Cases
COMM 317: Media Planning
COMM 318: Public Relations Writing (WI)     
COMM 320: Public Service Communication (EL)
COMM 321: Advertising Campaigns
COMM 327: New Media Campaigns
COMM 329: AD/PR Design
COMM 330: Intermediate AD/PR Design        
COMM 337: AD/PR Multimedia Commercial Production (EL)       
COMM 370: Special Topics in AD/PR (Topics must be approved for elective credit)
COMM 371: Special Topics Communication Studies   
COMM 391: AD/PR Internship (can be repeated once for MS elective)      
COMM 421: Topics in Global Strategic Communication (May be repeated in a different city. This elective is strongly encouraged.) 
COMM 422: Global and Multicultural Audiences & Stakeholders  
COMM 430: Digital Design          
COMM 432: Nonprofit Communication
COMM 434: Business to Business Communication   
COMM 435: Public Affairs and Issues Management   
COMM 436: Crisis and Risk Communication
Specialized or Major Elective Courses:                
COMM 214: Intro to Creative Concepts (WI)   
COMM 313: Corporate & Organization Communication                   
COMM 314: Public Relations Cases                    
COMM 317: Media Planning        
COMM 318: Public Relations Writing (WI)                  
COMM 320: Public Service Communication (EL)       
COMM 321: Advertising Campaigns
Research Courses:                     
COMM 363: AD/PR Research Methods             
COMM 365: Naturalistic Methods of Communication Research
COMM 366: Observing & Measuring Communication Behavior                 
ISSCM 241: Business Statistics                
STAT 103: Fundamental of Statistics
Interdisciplinary Electives: Max 1 course                       
FNAR 383: Digital Media IV: Interactive                      
MARK 310: Consumer Behavior             
MARK 311: Marketing Research              
MARK 363: International Marketing                 
MARK 380: Digital Marketing

Check out the Course Catalogue and Syllabi pages for full descriptions of each course offered.

To be eligible to complete the BA/MS Program, students must have and maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA.

Double majoring and minoring is not permitted within the School of Communication. 

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