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2018 Debate Team

‌‌‌Founded in 1875, the debate team is the oldest student organization on campus. The team is open to all undergraduates.

Style: British Parliamentary

Although we are a parliamentary team we invite students with no experience or experience in other styles of debate to join us. Students from a variety of styles have been successful in our program.

Fall 2018 Events

Our first meeting for the travel team is Wednesday, October 29th @ 7:00 a.m. in room 503 of Mundelein Center. If you want to be considered for travel come on by!

Tentative schedule [Updated 8.28.18]
  • September 14th-16th: â€‹William Jewell
  • September 22nd: Wheaton Tournament
  • September 30th: All are welcome to watch, debate, or judge. We will have a workshop with the CIDD British touring debaters at the end of the debates @ Loyola Chicago (WTC) 
  • October 19th-21st: Denver University
  • October 25th: Harry Potter Debate Tournament 6pm-8pm @ The Den (LSC)
  • October 27th: Oakton CC
  • Nov 1st-4th: North American Debating Championship
  • Nov 9th-12th: Oxford Inter Varsity Debate Tournament
  • Nov 15th-18th: Cambridge

Debate 2018


Loyola University Chicago Debating Society welcomed 84 debaters from 22 cities throughout the United States April 21 - 23 2017 seeking to be crowned the Urban Debate League champions. Each two person team earned entry into the tournament through their city championship debates. The event was the culmination of a year’s work on the topic: “Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic and/or diplomatic engagement with the People’s Republic of China.”

Each team participated in six preliminary debates from which the top sixteen teams moved on to single elimination debates. The championship debate featured Evan Jones and Colton Smith from Union High School of Tulsa, OK and Christine Harris and Malachi Ambrose from Skyline High School of Oakland, CA. Christine and Malachi of Skyline High School won the title with a unanimous decision from the judges.

Loyola University Chicago Debating Society Vice President Dara Davis was inspired by the event. “As an alumni of the Chicago Urban Debate League, it was nice to see the current debaters and the positive impact this activity has on their lives. In addition to debates being won and lost, students had a valuable educational experience, made new friends, and had a chance to network with former high school debaters who are now in the professional world.” Several students were also given awards for their outstanding academic achievements.

The event was established in 2008 by the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and is designed to provide opportunities to students from low income areas.  The NAUDL staff spend the entire school working with urban debate leagues and preparing for the championship event. There are currently over 500 high schools and middle schools participating in urban debate leagues throughout the United States.

Rambler Debate Tournament

The Loyola University Chicago Debate Team hosts the annual Rambler Debate Tournament one weekend during fall semester.

‌The debates follow the National Parliamentary Debate Association’s guidelines.  Each debate a new topic dealing with issues of the day will be selected. Students are welcome to attend and serve as audience members if they do not wish to compete. For more information, contact David Romanelli,  Director of Debate, at dromane@luc.edu.


All travel decisions are determined by the Director. Students who attend meetings regularly, complete research assignments on time, and participate in practice rounds increase the possibility of being selected for travel. All students are expected to follow the rules expressed by the Director and those outlined in the Student Handbook. 

Urban Debate League

Loyola is committed to the support of the Urban Debate League of Chicago. ‌Debaters often serve as critics/mentors for the UDL.

Debate Scholarship application.
For more information about Loyola's Debate Program please contact:
David Romanelli, Debate Coach
School of Communication
Lewis Towers 902