Loyola University Chicago

Student Government of Loyola Chicago

Spring 2018 Elections

First Year Students

For the Election packet, please click here

All candidates must attend one Candidate Meeting with the Fall Election Committee. Meetings are in Damen 210 from 5-6 PM on 8/29, 8/30, 8/31, 9/3 and from 2-3 PM on 9/4, also available on request at SGLCelections@luc.edu.

Important Dates for Elections:

Tuesday, Sept. 4 by 11:59 PM                

Candidate Deadlines:

  • Signed Contract
  • 50 signatures with LUC email addresses
  • Statement of Candidacy
Sept. 5-9

Campaigning Period: 

  • Candidates shall have one week to campaign among their fellow first-year students before the election days. Rules for campaigning shall be made known at the Candidate Meetings.
Sept. 10-11  

SGLC Fall Election:


  • Voting shall be conducted online via students LUC email accounts. Results shall be released on Sept. 12.