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Student Government of Loyola Chicago

About Us

Student Government of Loyola Chicago is here to serve you!

The goal of SGLC is to voice the concerns of the student body, to act as an instrument for cooperation and to provide open forum for students, faculty, and administration.


We are the voice of the students and work tirelessly for you!  If you have and questions, concerns, or opinions, never hesitate to come by our office in Damen Student Center Rm. 210! Visit our Get Involved page to find out how you can participate!


Have an Ethical Issue on Campus? Do Something About It!
The Jesuit mission of LUC has instilled in students a quality sense of social justice and ethics. Students are urged to contact the University’s Ethics Hotline if they see any issues on campus. The hotline number is 855.603.6988. Students should feel free to call in any concerns.