Campaign Facts

Launch date: April 2012
Amount: $80M

Campaign donors: 20,000

New endowed scholarships created: 227

Increase in scholarship endowment: 52%

Increase in scholarship funding from endowment: 102%

More undergraduate students receiving scholarships: 37%

About the campaign

Access to Excellence: The Campaign for Scholarships has achieved its external fundraising goal. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who helped make this campaign a success. Your generosity will make a difference to our students for generations to come.

  • $80 million
  • 20,000 donors made gifts to the campaign
  • The campaign will provide scholarship support for thousands of students, not just today, but in perpetuity
  • 227 new endowed scholarships created

Scholarship support remains the top fundraising priority at Loyola. Increasing student access to a Loyola education is the first priority of the University’s five-year strategic plan, Plan 2020. Please consider making a gift to support our students. The need has never been greater.