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Access to Excellence

The Campaign for Scholarships

About the campaign

Keeping education within reach

Access is everything: access to knowledge, to a career, to truth, to success. For most people, access to their dreams begins with a college degree, and for 140 years, Loyola University Chicago has been providing students with the education they need to thrive. Guided by a Jesuit, Catholic tradition of education for everyone, this access has not been limited to students from privileged backgrounds—it has been available to anyone with the dedication, talent, and drive to see it through.

In order to support its students, Loyola University Chicago launched Access to Excellence: The Campaign for Scholarships. Through this campaign, the University raised over $58 million to support generations of future Loyola students. This campaign has made a difference in the lives of thousands of our students.


The rising cost of tuition and dwindling government support have made it harder for many students to afford a Loyola education. In difficult economic times and with global competition on the rise, a first-class education is more important than ever, and yet the burden of obtaining that education has never been greater.

‌Loyola students are eager learners who become society’s leaders in businesses and communities around the country. They are alumni who know the value of hard work, and they are donors who understand the power of generosity.

A scholarship is more than a charitable gift—it’s a reward for diligent work. It’s a sign of faith in another person’s promise and a signal to them that they’re on the right track.

We would like to thank everyone who made this campaign a success and invite you to continue to support students by making a gift.