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New Org Application Process

Recognition Process for Registered and Sponsored Student Organizations

Student Activities & Greek Affairs is responsible for the recognition of undergraduate student organizations. There are two types of Recognized Student Organizations at at Loyola University Chicago: Registered or Sponsored.

More information about recognition, privileges, and expectations  can be found in the Student Handbook on pages 6-10. 

Applications for both types of organizations are processed through Student Activities & Greek Affairs. 

Registered Student Organizations

A Registered Student Organizations, or RSO, are formally recognized by the University and are originated out of student interest – they are not directly connected or supported by a University department. RSOs are formed by currently enrolled students sharing a common goal or interest and have properly completed the necessary forms on time and agree to adhere to guidelines established by the University.

Please refer the the Student Handbook  for the privileges, expectations and requirements of an RSO. 

Applications for RSOs are accepted at the beginning of each long academic semester. See below for more information on the upcoming deadlines. 

Elements for an application include but not limited to:

  • Name and email addresses of 5 LUC undergraduate students
    • All officers must be in good standing with the University to serve in position. Conduct checks will be conducted for organizations who are approved.
  • Name and email address of LUC faculty/staff advisor
  • Organization email address
  • RSO Constitution 
  • Proposed summary of events
  • Organization Logo 

Sponsored Student Organizations

A Sponsored Student Organization, or SSO, are student organizations formally recognized by the University and are inherently linked to a University department. They are classified as sponsored as they are groups that are departmental supported. The mission and operations of an SSO are considered critical to a specific department and/or the University. The financial resources used to support an SSO come directly from a University department and therefore, SSOs are not eligible to receive funding through the Student Activity Fund, which includes Start-Up Funding.

Applications for SSOs are accepted on a rolling basis. See below for more information.  

Registered Student Organization Application Information 

Dates for Spring 2018 | Applications can be found here: https://orgsync.com/61186/forms/119109 

New Registered Student Organization applications will open on: Tuesday, January 16th at 2pm, CST.

Application Deadline: Sunday, January 28th at 11:59pm, CST.

Panel Hearing Review: Saturday, February 3rd

  • Panel Hearing is by invitation only!
  • Organizations who have successfully submitted a completed application will be extended an initiation to attend the Panel Review
  • Organizations will be emailed with the exact date, time, and location. 
  • Organizations who fail to participate in the Panel Review, will have their applications reviewed as is. 

Final decisions will be sent via email to the student who submitted the application, organization email address, and advisor. 

  • Next steps for approved organizations include attending RSO orientation, LUCentral portals, and more. Details can be found in the acceptance letter.
  • Denied applications will have 1 calendar week to appeal the decision. More details will be included in the decision letter
    • If the decision is upheld, the organization is unable to apply to be a new RSO organization for one calendar year

Applications can be found here: https://orgsync.com/61186/forms/119109

For questions, please email: Precious at pfemiogunyemi@luc.edu

Sponsored Student Organization Application Information

Application includes:

  • Preliminary meeting with RSO Coordinator
  • Full time LUC faculty/staff advisor
  • Sponsoring University Department
  • Signed SSO Agreement Form 

For questions, please email: Precious at pfemiogunyemi@luc.edu

Attend the New Organization Application Walk-In Times lead by Precious Femi-Ogunyemi 

on Wednesday, January 24th from 12-2pm in Damen 127 or Friday, January 26th from 3-5pm.  

Get your questions answer on how to successfully apply to be a new student organization here at LUC!

Browse our list of current organizations to determine if a similar organization exists.

Registered Student Organization Application Process

  • Log-on to LUCentral, through Luc.edu/lucentral 
  • Click "Browse Organizations"
  • Search "SAGA" in the browse organizations search bar
  • Select the "Student Activities & Greek Affairs" portal and enter
  • Click on the "Forms" tab
  • Complete the "New Registered Student Organization (RSO) Application Form" 

Sponsored Student Organization Application Process

  • Please email Precious Femi-Ogunyemi  to request a meeting between the primary student contact, the listed advisor, and a professional staff member from the Student Activities & Greek Affairs office to complete the SSO recognition process.

New student organization requests will be reviewed by the review panel. The review panel will consist of a SAGA staff member, a student representative from CAN (Campus Activities Network) and another member of Student Activities & Greek Affairs Staff. The prospective members of any new student organization will need to attend a review session. Prospective members will be asked questions by the review panel before the final determination is made.

Types of questions the panel will be asking include:

    •    What events or tabling will be done to promote your organization?

    •    How will LUCentral be used within your organization?

    •    What is your organization offering the community that is unique?

    •    How will your organization sustain membership?

    •    How many years has your organization's leadership been at Loyola and how does your organization plan on transitioning new leadership?

    •    How does your organization relate to the mission of SAGA and the University?

    •    How does your organization’s mission relate/uphold the values of the Student Promise?

After meeting with the review panel, a recommendation will be made to the Director of Student Activities & Greek Affairs regarding the status of your organization. If approved, your organization will be required to attend a mandatory New Student Organization Orientation before being eligible for all the benefits of being a Registered Student Organization. Details about the orientation will be distributed with your approval materials.

Organizations who are denied will have one calendar week from the decision date, to appeal the process. 

Approved organizations must attend the New Student Organization Orientation to be eligible for Student Activity Fund (SAF) funding during the current academic year. If your application is unsuccessful, your organization must wait one calendar year before re-applying.