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Whether you are a resident or commuting student, your safety as a Loyola University Chicago student is important. Please utilize the resources on this page as a way to stay safe both on and off Loyola’s campus.

Important Contacts

In the event of an emergency, immediate notification of Campus Safety is essential to ensure the timely response of emergency personnel. We have provided a list of essential contacts for campus community members below:

Off-Campus Parking Office
911 773.508.7036
Campus Safety Dispatcher(24/7/365) Escort Service
773.508.6039 773.508.RIDE (7433)
Campus Safety Fax Transportation
773.508.6042 773.508.2399
Ask a non-emergency safety question Shuttle Bus Schedule
asksafety@luc.edu 773.508.7030
Campus Safety Bike Corral
http://www.luc.edu/safety/ 773.508.7048

Loyola Alert

Loyola University Chicago has launched Loyola Alert, a special service to provide personalized, time-sensitive alerts to students, faculty, staff and other personnel at Loyola’s lakeside campuses in the event of unforeseen events or potentially life-threatening emergencies. Loyola Alert will immediately send messages to registered participants via the following communication channels:

  • Voice messages to home phones/land lines and cell phones
  • Text messages to cell phones
  • Written messages to personal e-mail accounts

For more information on Loyola Alert and to register, visit: http://luc.edu/alert/

Safety Tips

For Your Commute:

  • Avoid taking shortcuts through alleys and unfamiliar terrain.
  • Try to stay near well-lit and highly populated areas.
    • Always carry personal identification.
  • Avoid walking alone at night (This applies to both males and females).
  • Don't jog or run at night.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Listening to music or talking on a cell phone can distract you and make you are more visible target for criminals.
  • Don't carry high-value items when walking alone (multiple credit cards, large amounts of cash, laptops, tablets, etc.).
  • Drink responsibly. Intoxicated individuals can make easy targets for criminals.
  • Utilize 8-Ride when necessary: if you are concerned with walking alone to or from campus within these provided boundaries, you can call 8-Ride to secure local transportation. For more details on 8-RIDE’s hours of operation and service, visit: http://www.luc.edu/campustransportation/services/8-rideprogram/

For Your Apartment:

  • If you return home and suspect your apartment has been burglarized (a door ajar, window open, or glass broken) do not enter the apartment. Immediately call 911 and head to a safe area nearby (a friend or neighbor’s apartment).
  • Never allow strangers into your home. Confirm any strangers or service workers sent to your apartment. Checking that they are in fact an approved service provider and knowing their identification information is key. If your landlord indicates that he/she will be sending a service provider to your apartment, request their identification information and scheduled time of arrival.
  • Keep important emergency/service contact numbers in an easily accessible location in your home (i.e. a refrigerator, near the front or back entrance, etc.).
  • Become familiar with your surrounding neighbors. In the event that something out of the ordinary occurs (i.e. a possible break-in or emergency), this will make it easier to use them as a resource.