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Student: Jason Moon

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Major: Environmental Science
Class standing: Junior

I am from the Metro Detroit Area. Being an only child I have a small immediate family (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Dog). Coming out of high school I knew I wanted to major in Environmental Science and Loyola was one of two schools I applied to that offered a degree in the field.

Where I am going immediately out of college is still up in the air. I’ll probably apply for a master's program somewhere or for jobs and see what opportunities arise. My dream is to one-day start a Vertical Farm in a big city.

1000 x 560

Currently I am an intern within Loyola’s Urban Agriculture program. I primarily work with the Aquaponics system inside of the Eco dome. I am also a student mentor for the Brothers for Excellence program, which focuses on supporting men of color on campus throughout their college experience.

I would have to say that the continuous growth of the campus is pretty cool to experience. Every year since I have been here they have built a new building. It’s crazy to think that the Eco dome, where I work, did not exist when I was a freshman.

I was a Welcome Week leader this year (2014) and through this I was able to help freshman transition into the college atmosphere. As I mentioned earlier I am also involved in Brothers for Excellence organization, which aims to provide a sense community for men of color on campus.

I live off campus this year so I am officially a Rogers Park resident. I have been able to talk with community members outside of Loyola. I also have been fortunate enough to attend some Chicago sporting events and experience the sports culture/ community in the city.

When I think of the word justice the first thing that comes to mind was the Justice League. For those that don’t know they are basically a group of superheroes (Batman, Superman etc.). For me justice means standing up for what is right and using your individual power to help others.

When choosing to attend Loyola I never looked at the Jesuit aspect or values. Now that I am a Junior I appreciate the well roundedness that the Jesuit education has provided me. Through taking the various core classes I feel as though I have a better sense of how I can impact the world around me.

My favorite spot on campus is probably the Eco dome. I personally have never seen a greenhouse of that size on another college campus. My favorite spot in Chicago has to be 1032 W Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60660. No bias!

I would recommend that you come to Loyola with an open mind. Be open to exploring the different areas that Loyola has to offer.  Make the most out of your experience through taking advantage of the resources provided by the University as well as the City of Chicago.