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Background of Alcohol poster campaign

Even Superheroes have limits!

Every two years, Loyola's Wellness Center administers the NCHA (national College Health Assessment Survey) for information about student's health behaviors, including data on alcohol consumption. For data from the 2016 survey, please click here.

From this data, we've learned that the majority of students at Loyola drink pretty moderately and try to practice harm reduction strategies (pacing themselves, drinking water, etc.) when they do choose to drink. However, Ramblers still experience negative consequences from alcohol consumption, especially when binge drinking is involved (consuming 4 or more drinks at one time for women and 5 or more for men). Some of the negative consequences students reported experiencing include blackouts and doing something they regret. These consequences can interfere with a student's academics and physical and mental health, and can be prevented if Ramblers practice responsible drinking strategies.

In response, The Wellness Center has developed a new harm reduction poster campaign that is being rolled out in Fall 2017. This campaign encourages students to practice harm reduction, which are strategies that can reduce a person's risk of experiencing physical harm or social or emotional consequences from the overconsumption of alcohol. For more information on harm reduction strategies for alcohol, click here. As a reminder, the easiest way to avoid consequences from drinking is to limit or abstain from alcohol consumption.

The poster campaign features the superheroes we all know and love and highlights some harm reduction tips that Ramblers can practice.