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How to register for a Study Trip

The John Felice Rome Center offers educational travel excursions each semester and during summer sessions. Trips vary in length, ranging from one day to as many as ten days. Each excursion is accompanied by a faculty and/ or staff member with expertise in the area of sites visited. The itineraries are prepared with both academic and cultural interests in mind.

  • Sign-up for all study trips will take place in Rome during orientation at the JFRC.

  • Due to limited space, trips will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can sign up for Study Trips during orientation. At that time, students may sign up for ONE study trip. Depending on availability, students may be given the opportunity to sign up for additional trips at a later time. More details on how to register for the Study Trips will be provided during orientation in Rome.

  • Students pay for all Study Trips in the JFRC Business Office. Credit cards are accepted. 

  • Please note: fall semester Study Trips will differ from the spring Study Trip offerings.

Fall 2018 Study Trips


15 September, 2018


An enchanting day trip from Rome, Tivoli is well worth your time. Tivoli enjoys a cooler climate and has been a resort town for Rome’s elite for centuries. The main attractions in Tivoli are its historical villas and parks. Each one is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers its own unique glimpse of history. Nestled atop a terraced hillside in Tivoli, Villa D’Este is most famous for its magnificent fountains, waterfalls and beautifully maintained gardens.



22-23 September, 2018


Florence is considered the cradle of the Italian Renaissance and arguably one of the most influential economic centers of European medieval trade. Ruled by the powerful Medici family, the UNESCO World Heritage site is consistently named one of the beautiful cities in the world. There is so much to see in Florence, than even in a day or two you realize right away that there are too many treasures to see in such a short time! Luckily we have an incredible tour guide (a JFRC alumna!) who's dedicated her life to art history and now lives in this charming city. 


Strada delle 52 Gallerie

28-30 September 2018‌

Breathtaking views, a challenging hike, and history combine to make a very different kind of study trip.  After a visit to the historic cities of Verona and Vicenza, we will travel through the beautiful Valle del Pasubio in the Italian Alps to begin a hike through the heart of what was once the most logistically difficult front of the First World War.   Our route will be along the legendary Strada delle 52 Gallerie ("Road" of 52 tunnels), widely considered one of the most impressive and beautiful hiking routes in the world. A masterpiece of military engineering, the trail was built by Italian army engineers during the last winter of WWI in order to safely bring supplies to front-line soldiers. Because the Italian front was located high in the mountains, with Austrian troops frequently controlling positions above them, engineers blasted a series of tunnels through the rock in order to provide protection from shelling.  Although we will not be under fire, the hike is quite challenging. The road runs uphill along some vertical drop-offs, partly in tunnels and partly in the open. You'll need sturdy shoes and a flashlight for some of the tunnels. (Note: The hike will take place if the weather conditions permit. In the event of inclement weather, alternative visits to the surrounding area will be arranged).


Loyola 360: Rome Start

5-7 October, 2018

Loyola 360 is a retreat created for all first year students of Loyola – including Chicago and Rome. Participants have the opportunity to spend a weekend at a small town in Italy reflecting on their first year experience and building community with other Rome Start students. Led by upperclass student leaders, the first year students in Rome have the opportunity to be connected with the Rome Start community, the JFRC community, and the first-year community in Chicago. Introducing students to the Jesuit mission and ideals, the weekend is spent in small groups discussing aspects of the students' first years in Rome. Upperclass student leaders talk about their experiences and help Rome Start students feel adjusted to life in college as well as share experiences about transitioning to Chicago. Rome Start students are able to move to Chicago already connected to a large community of previous 360 participants. 



12-19, October 2018 Fall Break Trip


This study trip offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for experiential learning in human rights in one of Europe’s most dynamic countries, Poland.  It includes an intellectual, cultural, and social exchange with Polish students at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. Accompanied by JFRC alumnus, Mr. John Kurowski, an American lawyer and frequent visiting professor at Copernicus, the centerpiece of the trip is the well-established symposium, Human Rights and A Just Society. The Human Rights Symposium continues to bring European and American scholars and activists together to inform JFRC students of the leading human rights issues today.  Additionally, the trip includes touring the historic and vibrant cities of Warsaw and Cracow, a powerful visit to Auschwitz concentration camp, the quirky caves of Wieliczka, and all of the pierogi one could ever desire. 

Estimated Cost: €875 Ground transportation throughout the trip, most meals, tours and guides, & lodging. (MAX of 25 students)



12-21, October 2018 Fall Break Trip

The JFRC visits the sites of classical Greece, led by our very own 'Indiana Jones', also known as Professor Sander Evers, and faculty guide Ioanna Kopsiafti. With their combined knowledge of both classical, modern, and current day Greece, students experience a glimpse into this ancient society, and a deep appreciation for Greece and its importance in human history. Greek island hopping is included.

Estimated Cost: €1100-1300 Ground transportation throughout the trip, most meals, tours and guides, & lodging. (MAX of 54 students) 


Italian Invasion and Roman Resistance in World War II

27-28 October, 2018


Learn about the role of Rome and Italy in World War II history from two distinguished JFRC alumni – historian Phil O’Connor, PhD, and former West Point instructor Jim Centner. Students will visit several historically significant World War II sites in Italy. These two day-long trips include visits to Anzio and Nettuno, and areas of Rome not seen by the average tourist. During the visits to Anzio and Nettuno, students will see the US Military Cemetery and understand what young American men and women did during the Italian invasion. In Rome, students will hear about the Roman resistance, visiting the site of an attack against Nazis at Via Rasella. Other visits include the former Gestapo Headquarters and the Fosse Ardeatine – caves just outside the city where 335 Roman civilians were executed by the Nazis as a reprisal for the Partisan attacks on Via Rasella. During both days, outstanding meals will provide an opportunity to discuss what was seen and a chance to get to know Phil and Jim, the two very generous sponsors and leaders of the trips. Click here to read the 12th Edition WWII Guide by Phil O'Connor

Estimated Cost: €30 per day Includes all transportation, lunch, entrance fees and tour services. (MAX of 47 students)


Tastes of Toscana

2-4, November 2018

Students have the opportunity to discover the rustic beauty of the Tuscan countryside. This region located just north of Rome is a bread basket for wine, cheese, and fabulous cuisine. The region also holds some of Italy’s finest works of art and architecture. Students will take a trip across the region to small towns and the less tourist frequented villages, tasting all of the delicious foods, wines, and olive oils of the region. Also included is lodging in an incredible countryside villa.

Estimated Cost: €375 including transportation, lodging accommodations, cooking demonstration, entrance fees, meals and tour services. (MAX of 27 students)


Assisi Pilgrimage 

November 2018

Once a semester, the JFRC community loads onto a bus, and heads up to Assisi for a day of prayer, reflection, and a look into the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. The pilgrimage takes students through the Basilica of St. Francis, where they are given an opportunity to visit and pray at his grave. From there, they have the opportunity to visit the San Damiano Cross, and visit St. Clare’s childhood home. The pilgrimage ends at Santa Maria Degli Angeli, which houses the Porziuncola, the humble chapel that marks the beginning of the Franciscan order. The night concludes with a delicious dinner at a local agriturismo, where the community is able to celebrate the day. Throughout the day, the community prays the Divine Office. 

*Prices are subject to change and will be confirmed at orientation. If the minimum number of students is not reached for a trip, the JFRC reserves the right to cancel the trip.

Financial Assistance

  • Students in need of financial assistance in order to participate in certain group travel opportunities may be invited by the Dean for Rome Student Life to apply for a Forza Roma scholarship, funds generously contributed for this purpose by JFRC Alumni. Students may contact Dr. Michael Beazley, Dean for Rome Student Life, for details: mbeazl1@luc.edu