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Financial Resources

Getting to Rome shouldn't be a problem.  In fact, with our affordable payment plan, scholarships, and discounts, a semester at the JFRC can actually cost less than staying at home! 

Use these resources to discover how affordable a semester, full year or summer in Rome can be! Also check out of Financial FAQs

Additional Costs to consider before studying in Rome

  • Airline flight : $700 – $1500 
  • Study trips (purchased at JFRC in euro) : $35 – $1500 
  • Books & Class Supplies : $200 – $500/semester  
  • CISI Health Insurance (price will vary w/ insurance provider) : $300/a semester
  • Approximate amount for spending during a semester : $2,500 – $6,000

Some advice for deciding how much spending money you will need in Rome

  1. What do you normally spend in one semester at your home institution?
  2. Convert that amount in to the current Euro exchange rate.
  3. You will be spending more than your normal amount while in Rome.
  4. Remember: You will be going out to dinners more frequently than during a normal semester, traveling, participating in student activities (ie playing on the JFRC intramural soccer league €30/semester), and shopping!

TIP: Review our Pre-departure handbook to learn about how to handle your finances while in Rome and to learn more about currency and currency exchange rates in Europe.

TIP: When in Rome try to budget your money.  Ask the SLA(Student Life Assistant)s for advice on how to experience "Rome on a Budget" and cheap ways to travel.

Speak to one of our Rome Peer Ambassadors that just recently returned from studying a semester in Rome and find out how they budgeted.  Contact them by emailing your questions or phone number to RomePeerAmbassadors@LUC.edu or call 773.508.2760 or 1-800-344-ROMA

Loyola University Chicago Students: Financial Aid Resources

Tuition and Fees at the Rome Center cost less than a semester in Chicago!

As a Loyola Chicago student, studying at the JFRC is affordable because you can apply ALL of your federal (non-work study), state, and Loyola aid with you for the semester!

Financial Aid Advising

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance to determine what type of financial aid will transfer to your study abroad program. e-mail: abroadfinaid@LUC.edu

Visiting Students: Financial Aid Resources

 All Visiting students should consult your home study abroad advisor to confirm the costs of the JFRC and what aid may apply.  You should also speak with your Financial Aid office for assistance on what type of aid is available to you for study abroad. Visiting students also have the opportunity to apply for JFRC specific scholarships.

Summer: Added Value

The JFRC Summer program is designed to help you get the most out of your time in Rome.  We have hand picked the best parts of a JFRC semester and present them to you in an exciting 10 week program.  You can choose to attend Summer Session I for 5 weeks, Summer Session II for 4 weeks or attend both sessions for the best value!  The summer programs is ideal for all students! 

  • Stay for both summer sessions and receive a special discount.
  • Save on Room and Board during Summer Session II which is only 4 weeks unlike Summer Session I which is 5 weeks.
  • Three day-long trips are included.
  • Bridge sessions I and II with an intercession in Greece or Italy. (priced separately)

Withdrawal & Refund Policies

Refund Policy

The semester is considered as beginning the day on which a student's presence is required at the Rome Center as listed in the official school calendar.

Students withdrawing completely will have their room and board charges pro-rated according to the number of days spent at the Rome Center. Tuition fees will be adjusted according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal Credit

  • First & second week of the semester 100%
  • Third & fourth weeks of the semester 50%
  • Fifth week of the semester and after 0%
  • All students pay $200 upon notice of acceptance. This fee is non-refundable and applies toward official charges. In addition, Loyola-Chicago students pay a one-time study abroad fee of $100.
  • Full-year students deposit a second $200 non-refundable fee in early October. This fee is applied toward the official charges of the second semester. Failure to submit this deposit may cost a student his/her place in Rome for the second semester due to the demand for space from incoming Spring semester only applicants.
  • Students who are withdrawn from the Rome Center for disciplinary or academic reasons may be refunded a percentage of the fees at the discretion of the university.