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Meet Andie

Andie is a sophomore social work major in her first year as an RA in Simpson Hall. We took some time to ask about her experiences as an RA and hear her story.

In what ways has the RA position helped you to "Write Your Story" at Loyola?
The RA position has given me greater meaning on campus. I love being a part of the freshmen experience and helping them write their stories.
What have been the most meaningful experience(s) you've had as an RA?
I really value being able to make connections with my residents. They inspire me every day to be a better person, and I enjoy hearing about their accomplishments and how much they are thriving on campus.
How has the RA position helped you engage with issues of social justice, diversity, or inclusion?
It's opened my eyes to so many different types of people and has taught me the importance of inclusion in a community. I work to make sure all my residents feel like they are at home in our residence hall and will go to great lengths to make sure the space is comfortable. You never know the impact of an issue until you are faced with it head on, and in this position you see how social justice impacts everyone's lives differently.
What is one piece of information potential RAs should know before they join the Residence Life story?
It's a long process, but SO worth it in the end. You are so important to residence life!
In addition to her role as an RA, Andie is involved in Chi Omega Sorority and serves as an assistant to the counselor at a local elementary school.
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