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Meet Ademilola

Ademilola, a junior biochemistry/pre-med major, is currently a second-year Resident Assistant in San Francisco Hall. In her role, she works with the First Year Research Experience Learning Community. The position has provided various experiences that has shaped who she is today. We took some time to ask her some questions and hear her story.

What have been the most meaningful experience(s) you've had as an RA?
The most meaningful experience that I had had within my RA role is being able to provide emotional support for my residents when needed. It feels great to be able to know that you were able to assist someone in their own experience and watch them grow right before your eyes.
How has the RA position helped you engage with issues of social justice, diversity, or inclusion?
The RA position has helped me engage in social justice and inclusion by exploring intersectionality. Having a community of students with different identities has allowed me to explore the similarities and differences everyone holds and how we can work together to understand each other's stories.
How has the RA role helped prepare you for your #NextChapter in life?
Through the RA chapter, the quality of the "next chapters" in my life have become clearer. After my undergraduate degree, I plan to become a medical doctor. This position has allowed me to process the characteristics I want to possess as a physician. As a physician, I want to be patient, empathetic, and an active leader, which are all traits that the RA role has allowed me to strengthen. In addition, the RA chapter has challenged how I want to practice inclusion and social justice as a medical doctor.
In addition to her role as an RA, Ademilola is also involved in the African Student Alliance and Roots Christian Fellowship. She also contributes to research initiatives at the Becker Research Lab. 
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