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Welcome to Loyola. Welcome home.

Welcome to Loyola University Chicago! This fall, you will be joining one of the largest first-year classes in Loyola University Chicago history. By living on campus, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of being part of a vibrant community of learners within walking distance to your classes. Included below is general information about making Loyola home. Follow the links for detailed information.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.
Living in Loyola University Chicago's residence halls, you're more likely to...
  • Take full advantage of campus resources
  • Be involved in campus activities and educational programs
  • Complete more credit hours per semester
  • Achieve greater academic success
  • Complete your studies and attain your degree
  • Be more satisfied with your Loyola University Chicago experience
All full-time first-year and second-year students are required to live in Loyola University Chicago Residence Life housing and purchase a meal plan. Typically, this requirement requires four semesters of residency in Loyola's residence halls (not including summer terms). This residency requirement is published in the Undergraduate Bulletin of Information, on the University website, and in the annual Community Standards for Loyola University Chicago students.
Conscious that a small number of students may be interested in pursuing their educational goals without this residential experience, Loyola University Chicago affords a non-residential option for students living at home with parent(s)/legal guardian(s). Students seeking a non-residential experience must complete the exemption request process and meet established criteria to be approved.
Requests for Exemption must be submitted before completing a contract, requests submitted after a contract will be considered a Request for Release from the Housing Contract, which requires proof of a change in circumstances since signing the contract.
First Year Housing Assignments are sent to your Loyola email address beginning in mid-June. If you submitted your housing application after the May 1st priority deadline, you may receive your assignment later in the month.
The first assignment email that is sent will include building/room type. For example if you are assigned to Mertz Hall 301, your first assignment email will state that you are assigned to a Mertz Hall Double.
If you've already created an iPlan and indicated a different building/room type than the one to which you were assigned, be sure to log in and update your iPlan today.
Roommate Requests
If you requested a specific roommate or roommates on your housing application and the request was mutual, we will do our best to place you together. We will confirm mutual roommate requests in your initial assignment email. If your plans have changed, you may submit a Roommate Request form.
After initial assignments have been communicated, there will be a roommate request form. Students may request roommates until mid-July (a specific due date will be included on the form), provided that the requested roommate(s) is/are assigned to the same building/room type and Learning Community (if applicable).
During orientation, if you meet someone else who is assigned to the same building/room type that you would like to live with, you can submit a Roommate Request form and we will reassign you together. We are unable to honor non-mutual/incomplete roommate requests, requests to room with someone in a different building/room type, or requests to change building/room type.
Roommate Requests must be mutual (all students involved must agree)
Room Change Requests
If you would like to request a room change, please contact our office to be added to our room change waitlist. Due to limited availability, room change requests cannot be guaranteed.
All First-Year and Second-Year students are required to have an All Access Meal Plan, but you may choose between a 5-Day All Access Plan (Monday-Friday) and a 7-Day All Access Plan (Monday-Sunday). For more information about meal plan options, click here.
Your initial assignment will include the meal plan that you selected on your application, but meal plan change requests will be accepted until early September.
To help you plan ahead, your Move-In date will be available in June. Students are also assigned specific times to arrive on their move-in date; your move-in time will be provided in mid-July.
Over the past several years, Loyola has frequently broken records for the largest classes enrolled in the University's history.
In order to accommodate these historic classes on campus, Residence Life sometimes uses Temporary Housing. This allows more Loyola students to live on campus and make Loyola home. Students assigned to these spaces can expect to enjoy the same benefits and experiences as any residential student.
Temporary Housing units are designated rooms, normally used as community spaces like study lounges, that are converted to house residents temporarily until a permanent space is available.
  • Rooms are able to accommodate the number of students assigned
  • Rooms offer the same level of privacy and security as a traditional room
  • All residents receive the same amenities and furniture, as space permits
    • Each student will receive 1 desk, 1 chair, 1 dresser, and 1 twin XL bed
  • Residents may rearrange furniture in a way that is comfortable for all roommates (University furniture must remain in room)
  • Residents in temporary rooms receive priority in the room change process
Room Changes
Please note that there is no way of knowing if/when permanent spaces will become available for students assigned to Temporary Housing. Students assigned to Temporary Housing will receive priority during the room change process.
Move-In Day
Students assigned to temporary spaces will have the same Move-In Day experience as all other students. However, these students may be reassigned with limited notice if/when permanent spaces become available prior to Move-In.
If you applied for and were accepted into one of our Learning Communities, you can read more about what to expect from your experience here.
Even if you're not part of a Learning Community, we're sure you'll discover plenty of learning opportunities in the residence halls. Students can get involved by attending programs and events offered in the residence halls and across campus. Students seeking ways to be more involved in the residence halls should consider the Leadership Opportunities available to new students.
In order to create a campus community that is safe and welcoming for all, students are expected to abide by the Loyola University Chicago Community Standards.
The Community Standards outline rights and responsibilities of Loyola students.
Loyola University Chicago and the Department of Residence Life are committed to providing a safe educational environment for all students.
Creating a safe environment is accomplished through strong partnerships between the University, students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community.
Loyola University Chicago welcomes students to campus with a variety of events and activities.
As you prepare to begin your next chapter as a Loyola University Chicago student, it's natural to have questions. You can view our FAQ page or contact our office and we'll be happy to answer your questions.
As a parent/guardian, sending your student to college can be a time of excitement and apprehension. The Department of Residence Life has provided information and resources to help you and your student have a smooth and enjoyable transition to the university and to make Loyola home.
As you enjoy your summer break and prepare for the academic year ahead, you may want to start thinking about...
...being an Active Bystander
...having etiquette in class
...building relationships with your peers
...building relationships with your faculty
Information in this section is provided by First & Second Year Advising.