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Residence Life

Move Out

As the Spring Semester draws to a close, you will need to start thinking about your check out process at the end of the semester. Following the instructions provided by our office will help ensure that your check out goes smoothly.
At the end of the semester, you will need to move out of your residence hall room within 24 hours of your last final exam or by Monday, May 8 at 12PM (noon), whichever comes first.
Graduating students who are participating in their Commencement Ceremony must check-out within 24 hours of their ceremony or by Saturday, May 13 at 12PM (noon), whichever comes first. Graduating Students must request Extended Stay (see below).
Detailed Move-Out dates are available on our Important Dates page.
When you have packed/removed your belongings and cleaned your room/suite/apartment, please proceed to your Building/Area Desk to check-out and return your key. Please have your Student ID ready to provide to the Desk Receptionist. After you have left, Department of Residence Life representatives will inspect your room for any damages.
Closing Community Meetings
Your Resident Advisor will be hosting a Closing Community Meeting between April 17-April 27 (the date for your meeting will be posted by your RA). During this meeting, your RA will share important information and answer any questions you might have. Attendance is required.
Extended Stay Requests
Beginning in spring 2017, Extended Stay Accommodations will be offered for most dates* through June 1, 2017 at a cost of $40.00 per night**
Any student staying past May 8 for any reason must request Extended Stay.
Requests due by 12PM on April 18
*Students remaining on-campus past May 15 may be required to change rooms; additionally, due to scheduled renovations in Fairfield Hall and Mertz Hall, students in those buildings must move-out or relocate by May 8 at 12PM.
**Students who are required to remain on-campus for certain reasons after the semester has ended will have the Extended Stay fee waived provided that they meet certain requirements.
Groups Approved for Fee Waiver
Fee Waiver Departure Date
(Check-Out by 12PM)
Graduating Students
(taking part in Commencement)
May 13 (or within 24 hours of graduation, whichever is first)
Commencement Volunteers (including band/choir) May 13
Non-Graduating Law Students May 13 (or 24 hours after last final, whichever is first)
Graduating Law Students May 14
LUREC Summer Student Staff May 14 - Transition to LUREC
Quinlan Graduate School of Business May 14
ROTC Commissioning Ceremony
(Volunteers and Graduating Cadets)
May 14
Alternative Break Initiative May Participants May 15
Conference Services Summer Student Staff May 15 - Transition to Summer Room
FYRE Summer Program Participants May 15 - Transition to Summer Room
Orientation Leaders May 15 - Transition to Summer Room
Summer Scholars Student Staff May 15 - Transition to Summer Room
Post-Season Athletes
(Men's Volleyball, Softball, Track)
As determined by season
Residence Life Resident Assistants As determined by Residence Life
Residence Life Desk Receptionists As determined by Residence Life
Local Lodging
If you or anyone helping you move needs a place to stay, we recommend these nearby hotels
Summer Housing
Summer Housing is available in Bellarmine Hall on Lake Shore Campus and Baumhart Hall on Water Tower Campus for current Loyola Students who meet the Summer Housing criteria.
Summer Storage
Summer Storage including free pick-up and delivery is available through our partnership with University and Student Services.

 Have questions? Ask your RA or contact our office.