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Winthrop Area

The Winthrop Area staff wanted to highlight what they enjoy most about their Resident Advisor student leadership position at Loyola University Chicago.

“The Resident Assistant position catalyzed my progress towards strengthening yet still developing both personal and professional abilities. This structured position encourages self-growth through the training seminars, activities, and responsibilities available to RAs. As a result, I can honestly say I have gained a wider spectrum of awareness for myself and the surrounding community.” – Karolina Puchalski, Fairfield D RA

“What I love the most about being an RA is having a supportive group of individuals to guide me and assist me whenever I am in need. As an RA you meet a diversity of people who all want you to succeed, and will do anything in their power to help you. The skills and lessons that you learn from your mentors enable you to not only be a better RA, but companion, friend, and student as well.” – Kierstan Thomas, Seattle Hall RA

“What I like about being a resident assistant is my ability to build connections with people, and there are various kinds of connections that I have made as a RA. The ones we make with our residents, the ones we make with our staffs, and even those professional connections we make with staff members, and professional team members. These bonds have become some of the most meaningful connections I have made in my life, and bonds I hope that can last when I move on from this position. This is just one of the reasons I love doing this kind of work. It’s rewarding in itself, but it carries tangible benefits that I may not have had an opportunity to have anywhere else.” – Mason Lucas, Fairfield A RA

“My favorite thing about being an RA is getting to help Loyola residents to strive socially, professionally, and academically. In the end it helps positively contribute to their Loyola Experience as well as mine through this position.” – Kassandra Bernardo, Xavier Hall RA
“I enjoy being an RA because of the opportunity it gives me to work with my peers as a mentor and someone they come to for their needs. This position has opened up so many doors for me and has given me many opportunities to express myself and contribute to the Loyola community. I have met so many people who have taught me so much that I could never have imagined coming into this position.” – Donna Elias, Fairfield B RA

“Through the unique community involvement and leadership opportunities of the RA role, I have developed a personal understanding of our Student Promise and life philosophy founded in care for myself, others, and our shared local and global community. As an RA, I have had the great pleasure of knowing and helping many peers, in ways that I otherwise wouldn't have known. What I enjoy most about being an RA is the personal connections I have had with residents and staff mates, and the feeling of dedication and purpose to care for the whole person. The RA role firsthand taught me to appreciate the unique contexts and circumstances of life, and to find empowerment through community in overcoming individual and shared challenges." Jacob Batycki, Spring Hill Hall RA

 “I like knowing that I'm making a difference in the lives of those around me. My residents feel comfortable coming up to me and telling me what's going on in their lives and I get to help them out.” – Alex Gueli, Fairfield C RA
“When residents leave Thank You notes under the door, or goodbye notes at the end of the semester. When residents look up to you and want to become resident assistants too. When residents compliment hall decorations. When residents come to programs and are super excited.” – Tetyana Sofiychuk, LeMoyne Hall RA