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Campion Hall

Campion Hall Council | an honor to serve
Campion Hall is a residence hall for first-year students and home to both the Honors and Service & Faith learning communities at Loyola. The Hall Council is a group of Campion residents that serve as leaders within the residential community, hosting monthly programs and providing an outlet for student advocacy. The Hall Council is made up of a six member executive board:
President | Paul Burghard
Vice-President | Sarah Stolte
Finance Coordinator | Christian Ramirez
External Affairs Coordinator | Lindsay Thompson
Co-Program Coordinators | Paul Witry & Sam Young
Floor Representatives | Darwin Gutierrez, Theresa Smiley, Jessica Xi, Graeme Lindsey & Emily Dybas
The Hall Council also works with two Campion RAs, Colin Williams and Dhruv Patel, and is advised by Colin Mageary, Assistant Resident Director of Campion.
They recently hosted a program on Halloween night. Residents of Campion were able to get their picture taken by Co-Program Coordinator Paul Witry in the photo booth, as well as decorate Halloween cookies, take part in the costume contest, and enjoy the Halloween playlist put together by Co-Program Coordinator Sam Young. Vice-President Sarah Stolte noted, “It’s exciting to see people show up to programs and like the things we’ve provided for them.” They also hosted a game night in November, including board games, cards, and pizza, and in December will be making holiday cards for a children’s hospital.
Also serving in an advocacy role, they record feedback and suggestions from fellow residents about programs they would like to see or ways to improve life in Campion. President Paul Burghard appreciates this portion of the position, citing that he likes “being able to hear from the community and judging from their voice what their needs are and being in a position that allows you to respond to those needs.” Right now their recent project is working to post reminders and tips about laundry in the basement. Open meetings are also held once a month for Campion residents to come and voice their thoughts and ideas.
If you’d like to make any recommendations, email cmageary@LUC.edu!