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Join WLUW and become an on-air radio DJ in Chicago

Join WLUW and become an on-air radio DJ in Chicago

By David Motsinger, Senior


Have you ever dreamt of hosting your own radio show in one of the biggest cities in America? Now is your chance, because Loyola’s own college-run radio station WLUW FM 88.7 is always looking for students to apply. Before signing up, check out this brief overview.


What is WLUW?

WLUW is Loyola’s student-run radio station, broadcasting from the School of Communication. The station is dedicated to broadcasting independent music, informative talk programming, and giving students the chance to break into the radio and music industry. WLUW broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and streams online to fans all over the world. The station aims to provide the leading college radio experience in Chicago and extend Loyola’s core values over the airwaves.


How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a DJ or working on other behind-the-scenes functions for WLUW, you can apply here. Make sure to decide which type of DJ you want to be and to show your creative side and passion for music in the “Interview Questions” section. Not everyone who applies will receive a time slot, and availability depends on openings in the current lineup of DJs. The more timeslots you are available to host will drastically increase your chances of being offered a position. No experience is needed, but any relevant experience in radio, DJ-ing, or the music industry is a huge plus.


Things to Consider

As in all things, new members must pay their dues, and new DJ’s generally have late-night time slots. My second and third year at Loyola, I was the creator and DJ of my own late-night radio show. “Motzi Past Midnight” focused on Chillwave and Electronic-Vocal music, and hosting it was the highlight of my week. I loved working on my show, but my time slot was from 2-4 a.m. on Tuesdays. This completely messed up my sleep schedule during the semester. Potential DJ’s should keep in mind that it takes a lot of work to make a show, and it may be better to become an “Independent Music DJ” and play from WLUW’s own collection, instead of compiling a set list from scratch each week. 


Why You Should Become a DJ for WLUW

Whether you decide to be an Independent Music DJ, a Specialty Program Host and DJ (like I was), a Substitute DJ (which is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door), or a member of the support staff, Loyola’s WLUW Station and Program has something for everyone. WLUW is like a family and has cultivated a great group of people who can help students with any occasion that may arise: from picking out bed music to creating a personalized intro, it can all be done.

For me, this has been the crème de la crème of my college experience. WLUW gave me the chance to make some amazing friends, meet extraordinary people, and fall in love with Chicago all over again. I put plenty of blood, sweat and tears into my show, and it culminated into a two-hour period on Tuesday nights that was completely my own. I wouldn’t trade all the late nights I spent at WLUW’s radio station for the world, and the experiences have helped shape me as a person and expand into new fields.