Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


Why a dual degree?

Age; hometown
24; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Undergraduate degree
Dual bachelor's in finance and marketing from Loyola University Chicago
Work experience; hobbies
Currently works part-time at the Chancery Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County. Sean likes to backpack through developing countries, work with Loyola's Catholic Lawyers Guild, and play the trumpet in his spare time.

Why this program?

“Loyola has an outstanding reputation in the business world. I went to undergrad here as well, and I’ve always felt that the most valuable asset here is the administration. President Garanzini has been one of the best leaders Loyola has ever seen and continues to make the University a frontrunner in academia. Also, the professors are great; they’re colorful, lively, and, most important, they care about the students.”

Favorite experience?

“Loyola has one of the best study abroad programs in the country. I studied for four and a half months at the John Felice Rome Center, and it was eye opening to live in another country and study their way of doing business. The study abroad program alone makes it a solid choice for getting an MBA.”

Biggest challenges so far?

“Time management. Being a full-time law student and taking MBA classes can be a little nuts. Trying to juggle life and getting the grades in school isn’t easy.”

Plans post degree?

“I’m hoping to incorporate my legal and business background to work in tax law. I feel that my MBA is bolstering my understanding of business operations and helping me understand the law behind business.”

Why Quinlan (in 10 words or less)?

“Big emphasis on ethical and responsible leadership.”

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