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Quinlan School of Business


Master of Supply Chain Management (MSSCM)

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management's 12-course curriculum prepares you to be a responsible leader in the supply chain field. Additional prerequisite courses may be required, depending on your academic background.

Updated Curriculum
The curriculum below is effective fall 2018 for students admitted in fall 2018 and thereafter. Students who began the program before fall 2018 may pursue the program curriculum in effect when they entered their program or may switch to the revised curriculum below.
Prerequisites (2)*Credits
SCMG 480: Intro to Operations Management 3
ISSCM 491: Managerial Statistics 3
SCMG Required Courses (7)Credits
SCMG 486: Global Logistics 3
SCMG 487: Purchasing Management 3
SCMG 488: Inventory Management 3
SCMG 489: Supply Chain Analytics 3
ISSCM 495: Forecasting & Demand Management  3
BSAD 443: Business Analytics  3
INFS 492: Database Systems 3
Ethics Requirement (1)Credits
MGMT 441: Business Ethics 3
SCMG Electives (Choose 3)Credits   
SCMG 481: Performance Improvement in Business Processes 3
SCMG 482: Lean Production Concepts and Practices 3
SCMG 483: Management of Service Operations 3
ISSCM 484: Project Management 3
INFS 493: Strategic Uses of IT 3
INFS 494: Data Mining 3
INFS 796: Data Warehousing 3
FINC 620: Financial Mathematics and Modeling 3
MGMT 573: Business Strategy or MGMT 574: Corporate Strategy 3
SCM Capstone Course (1)**Credits 
SCMG 589: Supply Chain Capstone 3

* The prerequisite requirement is met if you have completed a minimum of one undergraduate course (3 credit hours) of comparable content in the prerequisite subject area within the last seven years with a grade of B (or equivalent) or higher if the course is determined appropriate by their academic advisor.

** All required courses must be completed prior to or concurrently with SCMG 589. 

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