Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


The MBA with a management concentration will give your career the boost needed to secure leadership, managerial, or executive positions. Our program provides you the advanced knowledge necessary for successful career advancement. A practical curriculum enhanced with a global perspective and strong business ethics foundation affords you a distinct competitive edge.

Elective Courses

Choose three of the following courses in order to obtain a management concentration.

Courses (3)Credits
MGMT 435: Microenterprise Consulting 3
MGMT 443: Global Environmental Ethics 3
MGMT 446: International Business Ethics 3
MGMT 448: Ethics in Finance 3
MGMT 472/HRER 431: Organizational Change 3
MGMT 475: Cross-Cultural Dimensions of International Management and Marketing 3
MGMT 476: Advanced Topics in Management 3
MGMT 477: Family Business 3
MGMT 480: Recognizing Entrepreneurial Opportunties 3
MGMT 481: Principles of Entrepreneurship 3
MGMT 482: Entrepreneurship Marketing 3
MGMT 483: Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management 3
MGMT 485: Social Enterprise 3
MGMT 571/FINC 557: Enterprise Risk Management 3
MGMT 573: Business Strategy 3
MGMT 574: Corporate Strategy 3