Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Human Resources Management

The MBA with human resources concentration can bolster your ability to manage and motivate a company's most valuable asset—it's employees.

Loyola's professors demonstrate the application of key practices in developing, managing, recruiting, and leading staff. Our strong focus on examining and understanding current issues impacting HR from a global perspective will put you at an advantage in the marketplace.

Elective Courses

Choose three of the following courses in order to obtain a human resources concentration.

Courses (3)
HRER 413: Compensation
HRER 418: Human Resources Law
HRER 422: Global Human Resource Management
HRER 429: Human Resource Development
HRER 430: Strategic Organizational Development and Change
HRER 431/MGMT 472: Organizational Change
HRER 433: Group Process and Facilitation
HRER 442: Global Overseas Seminar on Human Resources
HRER 453: Incentive Pay and Employee Benefits
HRER 462: Labor Management Relations
HRER 463: Staffing
HRER 490: Data Driven Decision Making in HRER
HRER 500: Special Topics in Human Resources and Employment Resources
HRER 501: Performance Management
HRER 502: Global Industrial/Employment Relations