Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


Master of Science in Business Data Analytics (MSBDA)

The Master of Science in Business Data Analytics's 12-course curriculum prepares you to be a responsible leader in the fast-growing field of business data analytics—in just one year.

Courses are structured as follows:

Pre-requisite Courses

Summer Quarter Managerial Economics
ECON 420
Financial Accounting
ACCT 400
Business Core Essentials
BSAD 403

Foundational Courses (Taken in cohort)

Algorithms / Programming
INFS 791/FINC 620
Database Management
INFS 492
Winter Quarter Elective 1
(Recommended: Data Warehousing INFS 796)
Data Mining
INFS 494
MGMT 441

Electives and Capstone

Spring Quarter Elective 2 Elective 3 Forecasting
Summer Quarter Elective 4 Elective 5 Integrative Capstone


Choose your five electives from the following three areas, with at least one elective from each of the areas.

Area 1


  • ECON 522: Game Theory & Strategy
  • ECON 622: Derivative Securities
  • ECON 599: Business Fluctuations Forecasting


  • FINC 553: Portfolio Management
  • FINC 624: Interest Rate Risk Management
  • FINC 626: Credit Risk Management & Structured Finance
  • FINC 628: Valuation

Area 2


  • MARK 461: Research Methods in Marketing
  • MARK 599: Marketing Metrics
  • MARK 661: Customer Analytics


  • HRER 490: Data-Driven Decision Making
  • MGMT 455: International Strategies for Multinational Enterprises

Area 3

Information Systems

  • INFS 796: Data Warehousing
  • INFS 799: Data Visualization
  • INFS 493: Strategic Use of Technology

Supply Chain Management     

  • SCMG 480: Operations Management
  • SCMG 486: Global Supply Chain
  • SCMG 487: Purchasing Management
  • SCMG 488: Inventory Management
  • SCMG 489: Supply Chain Analytics

Loyola's Quinlan School of Business invites you to join us at our downtown Chicago Water Tower campus for an Open House or Information Session. Please contact us with any questions about our business data analytics courses.