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September Conference 2017

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About this conference:
Join us for this full day conference exploring legacy in the family and the business.

Designed for:
Any and all Family Business Center Members, specifically CEOs and presidents, high potential NxG leaders, family council representatives, and NxG entrepreneurs.  If you're a Member and you'd like to bring a non-Member guest, contact us for approval.

Conference details:
Friday, September 29, 2017
Four Seasons Chicago ·


Contact Carolyn Ogrey at 312.915.6614 or cogrey@luc.edu

Sessions and Speakers

From Business to Philanthropy to Social Enterprise
FK Day  ·  SRAM Corp
Bruce Boyd  ·  Advisor, Strategic Philanthropy

FK Day and Bruce Boyd have both experienced migrations to second and third careers, and watched others do the same.  Those migrations have been driven by an openness to change and an interest in feeding personal passions.  And, those changes have always been fulfilling, meaningful and impactful.  Join FK and Bruce as they talk about their second and third careers and the encore careers they have seen others pursue.  The conversation will serve both as inspiration and guide for those who are interested in such a shift and family members who might support this important life change.
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Story Power: Your Hidden Heritage
Judith Kolva, Ph.D.  ·  Legacies in Ink
For centuries, legal wills have passed on tangible assets.  But do you know stories are valued far above material possessions?  Stories teach us who we were, who we are, and who we can be. Stories leave a lasting legacy.  Join professional personal historian, Judith Kolva, Ph.D., and discover how a mason jar, a couple of crayons, and a handful of words coax stories out of hiding and reveal your most precious heritage.
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Legacy in the Final Third of Life: Met with Courage, Purpose, Meaning, Connection and as Little Denial as Possible
Edward Monte, Ph.D.  ·  Family Solutions Group
Throughout your life you have built, produced, created, negotiated, nurtured, pushed, sacrificed, taught, lead and provided.  These are the things you do exceptionally well and are rightfully a source of great pride.  You have built a legacy in your family business.  And, like all great passions, the family business has consumed you and your family.  You are now in the final third of your life.  You will die at the end of this phase.  So, now what do you do?  No longer is there the myth of endless time.  Now moments really do count.  What will be your great passion going forward?  What will be the ultimate legacy of your life?
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