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Our next class launches September 12-14, 2018
The Family Business Stewardship Institute (FBSI), prepares family business owners, shareholders, and stakeholders (including non-owner spouses and future owners) for effective stewardship of their family enterprise and for the significant and sometimes unpredictable transitions and decisions that must be made to determine the success and continuity of the family business.
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Program Benefits

  • Real world case studies
  • Shared learning and small group discussions
  • Facilitated peer group networking
  • Confidential discussions related to family business challenges and opportunities
  • Lifelong cohort of family business colleagues

Program Length
FBSI meets 6 times over the course of 18 months.  Each meeting (or module) takes place on Loyola's Water Tower Campus in downtown Chicago and lasts two and a half days.  We try our best to accommodate participants' schedules and aim for meeting dates that are convenient for everyone.

Program Curriculum
FBSI is divided into six modules taught by Loyola faculty and nationally-recognized family business thought leaders. A comprehensive curriculum combined with shared experiences and peer support are what really help participants bring what they learn in the classroom back home to their business.

  • Module 1 » Managing Relationships
    Communicate more effectively, enhance relationships, improve interpersonal skills, and implement working strategies that are inclusive of all family members.

  • Module 2 » Governance
    Understand basic principles of family business governance and their role in setting the foundation for success and continued family heritage.

  • Module 3 » Leadership
    Explore the need for leadership at all levels of your family and business, and understand the personal needs of family at various stages of the enterprise lifecycle.

  • Module 4 » Finance
    Learn financial principles necessary to be an effective owner and how these principles apply to critical decision-making.

  • Module 5 » Strategy
    Create a strategic plan as it relates to your family enterprise and leverage those strategies to become more competitive.

  • Module 6 » Transitions
    Gain a comprehensive focus on the skills and experiences needed to prepare for family transitions.

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