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The Executive Leap

The corporate landscape is constantly changing, and that means big changes in how to successfully approach your search for a new position. As an executive, you may not have had to think about your resume or nailing an interview in years. Or maybe you’re taking the executive leap for the first time and don’t know where to start to rise above the competition.

Mike Sudermann’s new must-have guide, The Executive Leap: Breakthrough Strategies to Land Your Next Top Job, has recently been adapted into an online course for Loyola’s Executive Education. This course reveals industry secrets and proven standout tactics that can help you tactfully market yourself, surpass the competition during the interview process, and increase your earnings by more than the 15% national average.

All information is pertinent regardless of industry, and anyone at any level can attend. Since the class will be predominantly geared toward professionals in a management capacity or higher, it is recommended to have 8+ years of experience in a corporate role. This is a fitting course for companies who anticipate an outplacement situation or want to offer this class to their employees as a value add.

  • Determine how to attract more attention to your resume
  • Learn how to stand out in a crowded market
  • Leadership assessment with coaching session to review your personalized results
  • Build the optimal professional profile
  • Understand social media's impact on your career options
  • Strengthen your competitive interviewing strategies and ability to deal with tough questions
  • Dive into optimizing your job offer compensation
  • Examine how to discuss salary 
  • Learn how to market yourself for your next leap
  1. Building your resume and niche point-of-view
  2. Current job market and how to start your leap
  3. Social media and your career
  4. Interviewing strategies
  5. Dealing with "trick" interview questions


MIKE SUDERMANN is an executive recruiter with over ten years’ experience placing top tier talent with companies around the world. He is the owner of the award-winning executive search firm, Ascent Select, which uses a customized search approach to provide top tier professionals to clients in weeks rather than months like most firms, without sacrificing quality.

With his executive search experience, knowledge, and reputation, Mike set out to start his own boutique search firm. Ascent Select hit the ground running with an initial project that needed to fill forty-five roles in eight weeks, a daunting task even for a large, established firm. Ascent Select completed that project and went on to fill one hundred sixty positions for that client in many different departments.

Mike has now personally reviewed over eighty thousand resumes, worked with over one thousand executives, and made more than three hundred placements. He is the author of The Executive Leap: Breakthrough Strategies to Land Your Next Top Job and has spoken as an industry expert to audiences large and small.

Executive Coach

PAT RICHARDS is an Organization Development Consultant and a 27-year Human Resource veteran.  She is also a Registered Organizational Development Consultant (RODC). For over 25 years, Richards has worked with numerous clients to enhance organizations’ abilities to achieve greater effectiveness by building organizational capabilities.  During her eight-year career at The Quaker Oats Company, she was responsible for managing the training and organizational development effort for Golden Grain.  During this time, she implemented the organization’s first Human Resource Strategic Plan, a strategic training plan and a cultural assessment.  Richards was also responsible for the delivery of numerous training and team building interventions.  Prior to working for The Quaker Oats Company, Patricia spent five years at Time, Inc. where her duties included recruiting, pre-employment testing, and human resource system implementation.

2018 Session  
DATES: Feb 13  & 15, Mar 6 & 8
Each online session runs from 8:30a.m.-10:30a.m.

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