Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Nonprofit Leadership for Business Professionals

This daylong program prepares business professionals to apply their skills and leadership successfully in the social sector. The program will begin with an introduction to the social impact landscape (with an emphasis on Chicago) and a framework for how to apply business strategy skills to social sector leadership roles. The program will then feature case studies of business leaders who have found fulfilling and impactful roles in the sector. Finally, the program will help each participant develop a personalized assessment of their strengths and potential best fit opportunities in the sector. Participants will receive a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership for Business Professionals from the Quinlan School of Business.

Business professionals seeking to transition into leadership in the social sector, whether into a senior staff role or an active board role (e.g., board president) in a nonprofit.

• Understanding of the social impact landscape, including major trends taking place in the social sector and an introduction to the “business” of nonprofits.
• Knowledge of career opportunities in the social sector that are especially relevant to past business leaders.
• A personal assessment of how one’s skills from the business world would be most transferable to the social sector.
• A high-level action plan for how to prepare for and execute on a transition into social sector leadership.

Seth Green

Founding Director, Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility

2018 Session  
DATE: April 19

For a course consultation, please contact us at: 312.915.6780 or executive-ed@luc.edu.