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Executive Education is in the business of lifelong professional development for adults who are in the midst of learning in life and in the workplace. We offer cutting-edge business seminars, workshops and certificates for experienced professionals—bringing the expertise of our top-ranked business school faculty to the corporate setting. Our offerings are taught by world-class faculty with a balance of grounding in academic disciplines and hands-on practical business problem-solving.

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Global Immersion

Global Human Resources and Employment Relations

Loyola Human Resources alumni are invited to take part in this unique opportunity to deepen your skills while abroad. 

New Offerings

The Executive Leap *ONLINE COURSE*

This course reveals industry secrets and proven standout tactics that can help you tactfully market yourself, surpass the competition during the interview process, and increase your earnings by more than the 15% national average.

Business and Strategy


Our Mini-MBA is a practical way to explore business administration. Those who haven't been in school for years have found it a great way to transition into the academic world and sharpen their skills.

Process Improvement

Professionals dive deep into change management and better business practices in this one-day course.

Managing Enterprise Risk in a Global Environment

In this immersion course participants will learn to identify, communicate, and analyze enterprise risks and management processes.


Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding

This course provides early career professionals with the necessities for communicating with your colleagues and managers including presentation skills.

Strategic Business Communication

This offering provides managers, supervisors, and mid-career professionals with increased ability to influence multiple networks and effectively share messages. Participants will learn more about their own communication style through detailed assessments.

Digital Marketing

Strategic Digital Marketing Essentials

The precursor to Advanced, this course establishes the foundation for digital marketing techniques and analysis.

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy

This offering is designed to help marketing professionals take their skills to the next level.


Practical Finance and Accounting

During this course, participants will learn different financial analysis processes and develop an understanding of the financial market and its influence.


Emerging Leadership Essentials

Tailored to new management and leaders, this course dives deep into style, problem solving, and management.

Leadership Innovation in the Workforce

This course is the advanced leadership offering. During this course leaders will analyze new developments in the workforce and think critically about leadership techniques. This course includes one-on-one coaching sessions.

Project Management

Project Management

This comprehensive course immerses participants in all facets of managing a project in any industry. At the end of the five day course, students will be prepared to sit for their PMP certification exam. This offering is approved by the Project Management Institute.

Social Responsibility

Nonprofit Leadership for Business Professionals

 A highly interactive and personalized workshop that prepares business professionals to apply their skills and leadership successfully in the social sector.

Social Responsibility Essentials

Develop your strategy and innovation in this day-long introduction to corporate social responsibility practices.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management Essentials

This course is ideal for professionals new to supply chain or have indirect engagement with their organization's supply chain. Participants will learn the fundamental concepts of purchasing, inventory, transportation and warehouse management.


Global Business Sustainability

The Global Business Sustainability Executive Course provides participants with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and world-class practices of global business sustainability and social responsibility.

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