Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Financing Options

We recommend the following websites as potential sources of assistance if you are considering attending a Quinlan Executive Education course.

  • FINAID.org: This is a comprehensive website containing various sources of aid. Although it is geared toward students interested in degree programs, it also has an extensive list of scholarship options, private loan companies, and other sources of aid that may assist those interested in Executive Education programs. There is also a loan analyzer to help compare borrowing costs.
  • Although individuals considering executive education (non-degree) courses are not eligible to borrow federal student aid loans, you may be eligible for a private student loan that is not part of the federal student loan program. You may borrow a private loan from any lender you choose. Some private loans are only open to students taking credit classes and other loans will also consider students taking Executive Education courses. Borrowing costs will vary between programs. We encourage you to research the costs and choose the program that may be right for you.
  • Some individuals may be eligible for the Lifetime Learning tax credit. The Lifetime Learning Tax Credit applies to tuition and course fees you are required to pay out-of-pocket, for a credit or non-credit course that allows you to acquire or improve your professional skills. This credit can be claimed by individuals not eligible for the American Opportunity Tax Credit. This credit requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. The maximum Lifetime Learning tax credit is $2,000 per taxpayer, per year, spread out over any number of years.

Although Loyola University is not required to file Form 1098-T for tuition paid toward non-degree certificate programs, we have listed some common forms below for your convenience. Additional questions should be directed to your tax advisor. Please find additional forms on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website.

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