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International Business Society (IBS)

‌The International Business Society is a student-led organization that endeavors to host professional speakers and events on campus throughout the school year. Some of the events that we have planned for the upcoming semester include a movie night, a panel with alumnus experienced in international business, and series of international trade lecturer. Further information on these events can be obtained by contacting Katherine Carbajal at kcarbajal@luc.edu or Tessie Li at tliruolin@luc.edu.


Fall 2018 IBS E-Board

Katherine Carbajal, President

Tessie LiVice-President

Maggie Dencheva

Grace Johnson, Vice-President of Marketing

Grace Mabulay, Co-Director of Marketing

Ying Zhang, Vice-President of Internal Affairs

Sean Ryan


Spring 2018 IBS E-Board

Guillermo Quellmalz, President

Nicole KarwowskiVice-President

Ramakanth Tallapragada, Executive Vice-President, Graduate

Ralf Quellmalz, Vice-President of Marketing

Katherine Carbajal, Co-Director of Marketing

Julia Infante, Vice-President of Internal Affairs

Madeline Johnson, Co-Director of Internal Affairs

Tessi Li, Vice-President of External Events

Grace Mabulay, Vice-President of Corporate Events

Julia Parias, Vice-President of Social Events

Grace Johnson, Secretary


Fall 2017 IBS E-Board

Guillermo Quellmalz, President

Poonam Dhingra, Executive Vice-President, Graduate

Nicole KarwowskiVice-President

Ralf Quellmalz, Vice-President of Marketing

Katherine Carbajal, Co-Director of Marketing

Alexa Mlynarczyk, Vice-President of Internal Affairs

Gary Loff, Vice-President of External Affairs

Saif Khan, Corporate Director & Treasurer

Berkem Gunes, Secretary


Fall 2016 IBS E-Board

Emanuela Rossi, President

Yu Du, Vice-President, Graduate

Nicole KarwowskiVice-President

Alexa Mlynarczyk, Vice-President of Internal Affairs

Silvia Fabian, Ex - Officio


Yu Du, Emanuela Rossi, Professor Cinar

Fall 2015 IBS E-Board

Silvia Fabian, President

Yu Du, Executive Vice-President

Guillermo Quellmalz, Vice-President of Marketing, Treasurer

Gabriel Millan, Vice-President of International Relations


Fall 2014 IBS E-Board

Selay Demir, President

William Horwitz, Vice-President of Logistics

Brian McDonagh, Vice President of Marketing

Silvia Fabian, Event Coordinator

Gabriel Millan, International Representative

Allison Ryder, Outreach Coordinator