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The Q Mentorship Program, a supplement to Loyola’s BSAD 220 Career Preparation course, provides an excellent opportunity for Quinlan students to learn about the world of business from experienced professionals.

Mentors are Loyola University Chicago alumni and friends of Loyola who are business professionals in the Chicago area and beyond.

Business Career Services piloted the Q Mentorship Program in one section of BSAD 220 in Fall 2016 and has continued to grow the program with the goal that all sections of Career Preparation will have the mentorship program component.

Every student enrolled in BSAD 220 is assigned a mentor who is an experienced and model member of the Chicago and global business community. Students apply networking, career research, and communication skills (both written and oral) in the process of developing these relationships.

Program Background & Student Benefits

Mentors provide another voice that stresses the importance of a strong work ethic, professional attitude, and effective time management, as well as deliver invaluable insights into career choices, industry information, professional development, resume/cover letter writing, and interview skills. Participation in the mentorship program also offers an excellent networking opportunity, a critical tool not only for effective job-hunting, but also for long-term career success.


  • Are willing to assist with the personal and professional development of a student and provide feedback to the Quinlan School of Business
  • Are able to meet individually (in-person, phone, or Skype) with a student at least twice during the semester, in-person is preferred
  • Are skilled at interpersonal communication
  • Are highly regarded within their field for their integrity and professionalism

Student Mentees (enrolled in BSAD 220)

  • Must complete the Champion Interest Survey assignment based on the deadline indicated on the course syllabus
  • Initiate conversation with mentor after instructor has made assignments. Note: Each student is expected to drive this program – meaning the student takes an active role in contacting his/her mentor and planning meeting times
  • Meet at least twice with the mentor during the semester, in-person (preferably), over the phone, or via Skype (other contact with your mentor will be determined based on mutual agreement)

Matching Process

  • Students will have space to share how their preferred assigned mentors will be able to best support their personal and professional aspirations. The course instructor will go through all submissions and notify students who their mentors will be, trying his/her best to assign them their top needs. Keep in mind the instructor must manage the distribution of mentors to students in order to create a sustainable case load for the mentors.
  • Mentors and students will be paired based on a variety of factors, including majors/minors, skills, job functions, shared interests, career alignment, and rankings.
  • Mentors will be formally requested via email, LUConnect (an online platform that connects students to alumni for career conversations) or LinkedIn.

*In-person meetings should take place in public places which may include the individual’s place of work. If any situations arise that were to make you uncomfortable, please don’t hesitate to report them to Aminatu Rubango, Q Mentorship Program Director.

Success Stories

Read about students who have launched their careers through the Q Mentorship Program. 

Learn more

To learn more, please contact Aminatu Rubango at nrubango@luc.edu or 312.915.7907.