Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


Be bold and take initiatives

Graduate student Huining (Helena) Zhang was hired recently at Deloitte Tax LLP's Chicago office. She offers these reflections on building her résumé and taking advantage of resources available at Loyola:

"I am currently in Loyola MSA/MBA dual program and expected to graduate this winter. From the last Fall campus recruiting season, I was invited to interview with and received offers from PwC, Deloitte and eventually choose to start at Deloitte Tax LLP this summer.

"During the past two years, I received the most transformative education in my life from Loyola, it is the first place that brings me up. Besides the classes, I have been actively involved and taking leadership roles in professional organizations such as Beta Alpha Phi and ALPFA, Ascend and finished 3 major-related internships.

"The opportunities came out from my commitment to network and continuously improving my soft skills. As an international student, acing the classes and getting a degree is not the hardest part and neither should be the only goal of Loyola experience. The ability to adapt to new environment and embrace the challenges with an open mind will benefit us for lifelong time. Along the way, it’s very critical to find mentors and get advices to impel our growth.

"Loyola has provided tremendous resources like alumnus network, career center and professional events. You will succeed and finally achieve your goals which seem unreachable today for you with fully leveraging the resource Loyola has provided us. If I could summarize what brings me here today and give some advices, that would be:

  1. Be bold and take initiatives: Don’t let what you can’t today stop you from doing what you can now or in near future.
  2. Be an observer and keep an open mind, be generally interested in people or surroundings even it is new or different for you.
  3. Be honest and ethical, that is what takes you far no matter where you go.
  4. Network, network and network. Stay active and step out of comfort zone, meet new people and consistently improve your professionalism and confidence.
  5. Enjoy and have fun at Loyola!"

Huining (Helena) Zhang

Employer: Deloitte

Title: Tax Intern

Graduation Year: 2015

Major: MBA/MSA