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On a mission for a more socially responsible corporate world

‌Jessica Firlej is the definition of a go-getter. She is the daughter of two Polish immigrants and a first generation graduate of one of Chicago’s top universities. She held countless part-time jobs to fund her own education and took as many as 21 credit hours a semester to graduate on time, in the face of three Major concentration changes.

She received countless merit-based scholarships, and is a proud alumni scholar of Chicago’s George M. Pullman Foundation. Her path to the world of information technology and role in business-to-business sales was not one of luck but persevered through a heavy local presence in the Quinlan Business School community, unyielding dedication of graduating with a full-time job offer, and innate skill of networking. Jessica has always envisioned herself standing before Corporate America, working hard to climb the ladder of success and ultimately leveraging her success to be the face of a more socially responsible corporate world.

Loyola has inspired Jessica to impact the Technology and Startup Scene in Chicago, as well as continuing to volunteer her time with an organization she is most proud to be a member of Global Brigades. Throughout her undergraduate career, Jessica fundraised over $4,000 alone and travelled to Ghana and Honduras over ten day brigades to provide impoverished communities with educational, financial, medical, and organizational resources necessary for sustainable development.

Jessica would like to give a special thanks to Wren Donofrio, the Assistant Director of Business Career Services, for mentoring her throughout her career development. Wren helped prepare Jessica for a number of interviews and job shadows, providing the support, guidance, and confidence in Jessica’s success, which very well led her to her first official job offer with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, just days leading up to graduation in May 2015.

Today, nearly a month into her new job, Jessica’s pipeline is filled with a number of promising and impressively large opportunities, and her ability to establish strong client rapport speaks volumes. “Standing among hundreds of exemplary Loyola business student graduates is one of my biggest accomplishments up to date. My colleagues have made remarkable impressions on me through victories in the Quinlan Case Competition, leading initiatives for social justice and striving to make a better community for Loyola University on a daily basis. I am proud to be where I am today because of the people who helped me get here. As a young businesswoman, I am proud to look back at my undergraduate career, and thank LUC for shaping me to go forth and set this world on fire!”

Jessica Firlej

Employer: New Horizon Learning Centers 

Title: Account Exectuive 

Graduation Year: 2015

Major: Marketing