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Combining one's passions

Through campus involvement and professional experience, Jessica Chitkuer discovered her true passion. She offers these reflections on her internship and student organization experiences

My internships throughout college have been instrumental to my personal and professional development. My first internship was in the office of State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, in preparation for a possible career in federal financial management. My involvement with the State Treasurer’s Office eventually led me to become acquainted with now-Governor Bruce Rauner. Last year, when French Ambassador Gerard Araud visited, I spoke with him about the importance of not only engaging young people in building France’s startup industry, but also the importance of having tax incentives for budding entrepreneurs. Maintaining relationships that I had cultivated from freshman year allowed me to network with government officials and startup leaders, as well as the opportunity to both voice my perspective and learn from up-and-coming startup leaders.

During my sophomore year, I was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of Student Government Loyola Chicago (SGLC). My involvement with SGLC allowed me to connect with diverse students across campus, meet administrators, and affect policy through leading different initiatives. I also worked for technology startup Charlie during this time, where I led different growth initiatives and business development strategies. At Charlie, I was exposed to the wonders of startup culture – where personal growth and mentorship are prioritized above all else.

Following my internship at Charlie, I joined the technology team at Aon, an $11 billion company looking to modernize its information technology. At Aon, I automated IT processes, revamped the company’s project management methodology, and trained heads of technology in North America and EMEA on new systems and processes that I pitched.

Out of the 200 interns in Aon’s Chicago office, I was the only Asian American in the group. Following that internship, I was determined to explore diversity-related issues in the technology industry. This past summer, I combined my passion for technology and community by working with Google Chicago to explore the value that a diverse workforce can offer. In collaboration with my Google teammates, I created a sustainable web ecosystem and improved the digital literacy of startups and incubators in underserved communities.

These past few years at Loyola and Quinlan have been both intellectually and professionally stimulating, and have better prepared me for tackling that next big thing I am always chasing after. Looking forward, I am excited for new learning opportunities and the chance to grow both personally and professionally.

Jessica Chitkuer

Employer: Google

Title: Google Community Leader

Grad Date: May 2017

Majors: Finance and Marketing

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