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Transfer student finds his path

After transferring to Loyola, Ryan Alm found his future in accounting. He offers these reflections on his internship and academic experiences:

My name is Ryan Alm and I am an accounting major in the Quinlan School of Business. I plan on graduating May 2016 and sitting for the CPA exam soon after. I currently have completed three internships during my time at Loyola and I am almost finished with my fourth. However, I didn’t get where I am without help. In January 2013, I transferred to Loyola University Chicago from Oakton Community College, excited for the opportunities that awaited me. There was a chance to meet new friends, get involved in new activities and learn a world of new ideas through my classes. Unfortunately, there were a few bumps in the road. I didn’t think my major was a good choice for me at the time and I decided to change. In fact, I changed twice.

Accounting as a major really became a reality when I talked to Professor Stanko for the first time. He introduced me to the idea of my major being an avenue to gain credentials and to market myself to potential employers. I later changed my major to accounting because it allowed me to blend my interest in math, business, and organization with a multitude of career opportunities. I want to thank Professor Stanko for the role he played in help shaping my professional and career path. He has always been helpful in answering any career or accounting questions I had. I am also grateful for the opportunities for career development that Business Career Services (BCS) has offered. I would not be where I am today had it not been for the numerous career fairs, on campus interview opportunities, and networking events BCS has provided. These events allowed me to connect to employers and hone my interview skills needed for a prosperous post-college life. Due to the resources available in BCS as well as numerous professors who have helped me along the way, I am now able to graduate with marketable credentials, professional skills, and a world of opportunities that await me.

Ryan Alm

Employer: Grant Thornton

Title: Audit Intern

Grad Date: May 2016

Majors: Accounting

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