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Loyola Business Leadership Hub

We connect organizations to the experts, research, and resources of the Quinlan School of Business, all of the schools within Loyola University Chicago, and the global network of Jesuit colleges and universities.

‌Solutions Summit · October 9

Find the solutions your organization needs at the first annual Solutions Summit hosted by the Loyola Business Leadership Hub.
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How can we help you?


The Hub offers a wide variety of educational opportunities, including: certificate programs, business training, professional development, leadership training, family business institutes and educational conferences and webinars.


Being connected to a University has its perks!  The Hub is plugged in to a huge network of knowledge-based resources.  Got a project to tackle?  Loyola students and academic professionals are here to assist.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Hub builds community among its members by sharing information and celebrating the achievements of our members.  Get involved!  Summits, award galas, peer advisory groups and facility tours are just a few of the ways we strengthen community engagement.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The Hub is housed within Loyola’s Business School, but we’re also linked to the University as a whole, which means we can connect you to a range of resources.  Law, Social Work, Health and Wellness, Communication, Arts and Sciences… if you’ve got a need, we’ve got a resource.