Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA)

To promote and foster an academic community that celebrates that celebrates and supports diversity in multiple areas of departmental life.
  • Provide support, networking opportunities and mentoring to students of diverse backgrounds
  • Increase and support culturally sensitive research on diversity topics
  • Promote the inclusion of diversity throughout our curriculum
  • Give students experiential learning opportunities that address diversity issues
Sponsored Activities
  • Colloquia/Invited Speakers
  • Brown Bag Discussions
  • Student/Faculty Receptions
  • Graduate Student Professional Development
  • Diversity-related Course Development
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Upcoming Events
 April 26, 4:00PM
 Galvin Auditorium  
CODA Affiliated Psychology Research Labs
  • Colleen Conley: gender differences in experiences of adaptive and maladaptive adjustment across developmental transitions
  • Perla Gamez: language development; bilingual and second language learning; connection between language and literacy; classroom talk; language input; syntactic priming
  • Noni Gaylord-Harden: stress, coping, and psychosocial functioning in African American youth and families from urban communities
  • Jeffrey Huntsinger: the cognitive consequences of affective feelings; how moods and emotions influence stereotyping and prejudice
  • Christine P. Li-Grining: self-regulation and academic skills among low-income, ethnic minority
  • Robyn Mallett: psychology of prejudice and intergroup relations from the perspective of members of both stigmatized and nonstigmatized social groups
  • Maryse Richards: community participatory research on the reduction of exposure to violence and stress through the promotion of resilience in urban, low-income African American and Latino American young adolescents
  • Catherine DeCarlo Santiago: risk and protective factors related to coping, family, and culture; the application of such factors to child mental health interventions, focusing on low-income Latino families