Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Minor in Psychology

Minor Requirements

The psychology minor consists of six courses:

  • PSYC 101. General Psychology (required)
  • PSYC 304. Statistics (required)
  • At least one of the following courses:
    • PSYC 273. Developmental
    • PSYC 275. Social
    • PSYC 331. Abnormal
    • PSYC 338. Personality
  • Three elective courses in Psychology

Declaring a Minor

You must inform the College of Arts & Sciences of your decision to fulfill the requirements of a minor. A Declaration of Minor Form can be obtained in the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office or from the Psychology Department in: Coffey Hall 231.

Transferring Courses

Like the major, half of the minor (three courses) can be fulfilled with courses transferred into Loyola.

Substituting Courses

Neither STAT 103 (Fundamentals of Statistics) nor ISOM 241 (Business Statistics) will be accepted as a substitute for PSYC 304 (Statistics). However, if a student has taken another advanced statistics course (e.g., BIOL 335 or SOCL 301), he/she may substitute another PSYC course for PSYC 304. A total of six psychology courses must still be taken to complete the minor.

If you are planning to Take PSYC 306 (Research Methods) for the minor, you must take PSYC 304 (Statistics), no other statistics courses can substitute as a prerequisite for PSYC 306.

Biology Majors and Neuroscience Minors

Any of the following courses may be used to satisfy the requirements of the psychology minor even if they are also being used to satisfy the requirements of the biology major and/or the neuroscience minor:

  • PSYC 240/BIOL 240. Psychology and Biology of Perception
  • PSYC 305/BIOL 241. Brain and Behavior
  • PSYC 311/BIOL 313. Lab in Psychobiology

One of the following neuroscience labs may also be used to fulfill the requirements of the psychology minor:

  • NEUR 301/BIOL 373/PSYC 388. Neuroscience Lab I
  • NEUR 302/BIOL 374/PSYC 389. Neuroscience Lab II

Contact Us

For more information about the psychology minor, please contact any full-time psychology faculty member or:

Dr. Jennifer Fiebig
Undergraduate Program Director
Coffey Hall 226
Phone: 773.508.2969