Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Raymond Dye

Title: Associate Professor, Director: Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Minor; Ph.D. 
Office: Coffey Hall 340 
Phone: 773.508.3018 
E-mail: rdye@luc.edu 


Personal Information

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Specialty: Biological Psychology

Website: The Parmly Hearing Institute

Research Interests:
My research is predominately in the area of human auditory information processing, with an emphasis on binaural hearing and sound localization. At the center of my research program is the question of how the auditory system, when operating in complex, multisource acoustic environments, "parses" the frequency components that are present to determine sources or form auditory objects. My research is particularly aimed at examining the role that spatial hearing plays in segregating concurrent acoustic stimuli, although I have also examined the manner in which binaural cues interact with other variables that promote segregation of sources. My goal is to develop a set of objective psychophysical procedures that allows one to characterize the tendency of listeners to analytically/synthetically process information across different stimulus dimensions.


Psychology 240: The Psychology and Biology of Perception
Psychology 250: Cognitive Psychology
Psychology 304: Statistics
Psychology 314: Lab in Experimental Psychology: Cognition
Psychology 316: Lab in Experimental Psychology: Sensation and Perception
Psychology 421: Sensory Processes
Psychology 426: Physiological Psychology

Recent Publications:
Dye, R. H., Stellmack, M. A., Grange, A. N., & Yost, W. M. (1996). The effect of distractor frequency on judgments of target laterality based on interaural delays. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 99, 1096-1107.

Dye, R. H. (1996). The relative contributions of targets and distractors in judgments of laterality based on interaural differences of level. In R. H. Gilkey & T. R. Anderson (Eds.), Binaural and spatial hearing in real and virtual environments (pp. 151-168). New Jersey: Erlbaum.

Stellmack, M. A., Dye, R. H., Jr., & Guzman, S. J. (1999). Observer weighting of interaural delays in source and echo clicks. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 105, 377-387.

Yost, W. A., Dye, R. H., Jr., & Sheft, S. (1996). A simulated "cocktail party" with up to three sound sources. Perception and Psychophysics, 1026-1036.

Professional Society Membership:
Acoustical Society of America
Psychonomic Society