Loyola University Chicago

Rule of Law for Development Institute

School of Law

Visiting Lecturer Series

The PROLAW Visiting Lecturer Series supplements the curriculum of PROLAW. Loyola University Chicago has invited rule of law professionals from development agencies, non-governmental organizations and other universities to share their experiences with future rule of law leaders and the rule of law community at large.


What is the Purpose of the Series?

The purpose of the Series is to support the learning outcomes of the PROLAW curriculum by offering PROLAW students the opportunity to learn first hand from professionals and organizations involved in rule of law work. It will assist them in making contact with other rule of law professionals, exchanging ideas and extending their understanding of the complex issues involved in rule of law initiatives. For the organizations involved as lecturers, it will be an opportunity to spread awareness of the important work they are doing as well as network with and potentially identify excellent internship candidates in the legal field. Ultimately, it will serve as a discussion forum for rule of law for all legal professionals and students interested in the field.

Who Can Attend the Visiting Lecturer Series?

In addition to the PROLAW students, Loyola extends invitations to professionals and academics working within the rule of law and development in Rome or visiting from other countries.

All visitors who are not PROLAW students are asked to kindly confirm their participation in advance by sending an e-mail with contact details, organization and title to prolaw@luc.edu. The University reserves the right to make changes into the program.

How Can I Participate as a Speaker or an Observer?

Please send e-mail to prolaw@luc.edu if you are interested in joining our group of distinguished lecturers. Registration is required for visitors observing the session; please click here for the complete schedule and details.