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Financial Support

Financial Support

PROLAW students come from developed countries as well as countries in transition or development. Loyola University Chicago School of Law recognizes that because of the unique composition of PROLAW’s student body and the service-oriented nature of the rule of law development profession, our students may have some unique financial challenges. Therefore, PROLAW is committed to working with qualified applicants to help guide them toward funding, and a number of scholarship opportunities exist for students from all countries. We welcome your inquiries at prolaw@luc.edu.

PROLAW Scholarships

Dean’s PROLAW Scholarships
The School of Law is offering a 50% tuition award to all alumni and current students of Loyola University Chicago that are admitted to the PROLAW LLM or MJ programs. The aim of the scholarships is to support Loyola alumni and students that are seeking an international career in advancing social justice and the rule of law. The scholarships awardees will also receive a fellowship stipend of $3,000 to support them undertaking an internship in the rule of law field. For further details on the PROLAW Development Internship Program see here.

PROLAW Mexico Scholarship
PROLAW is offering a full scholarship to an applicant from Mexico for the academic year 2018-19 for the LLM in Rule of Law for Development. The scholarship will cover all tuition and student fees, as well as a stipend for living costs for the eight months of study in Rome. Eligible candidates for this scholarship are Mexican legal professionals with at least two years work experience and with a demonstrated interest in rule of law. Applicants should submit their applications through the normal PROLAW LLM application process, ensuring to include a detailed Statement of Purpose that outlines their merits for the scholarship award. The deadline for a scholarship application has been extended to 30 May 2018.

Academic Fellowships
PROLAW offers an academic fellowship position which receives a tuition award. The description of this position and how to apply can be found here: PROLAW Admin Fellow

Financial Aid Programs for US Citizens and Permanent Residents
If you are a U.S. citizen and/or U.S. permanent resident, you may qualify for one of the different financial aid programs offered by the Loyola University Chicago, Please consult the webpages of the Loyola University Chicago Financial Aid Office for further details and contacts. Loyola offers numerous scholarship resources for veterans and military students, see further information here

Tuition Scholarships
PROLAW offers a limited number of tuition awards for exceptionally qualified students of any nationality, who demonstrate outstanding academic or professional merit and financial need. Applicants from both developed and developing countries are welcome to apply and a limited number of awards of a quarter, half or three-quarters of tuition are available. The application form can be found here: PROLAW Scholarship Application.

Focused Regional and Country Scholarships
In response to international development imperatives each year, PROLAW offers a limited number of scholarships for students from countries that are emerging from war or political transition, or that are experiencing significant governance challenges. This category of scholarships range from tuition awards to full scholarships including tuition, fees and a monthly living stipend, and the application form can be found here: PROLAW Scholarship Application.

Third-Party Scholarships
PROLAW administers scholarships on behalf of governments, international development missions and non-government organizations that provide full scholarships to nominated legal professionals from transitioning and developing nations who are committed to leading governance and rule of law reforms in their home countries and who would not have the financial resources to attend the program. Students are provided with tuition, fees and a monthly living stipend. For information on these type of scholarship arrangements, we welcome your inquiries at prolaw@luc.edu.

External Funding Sources
Applicants seeking financial assistance should investigate funding sources in their home countries well in advance. Examples of potential funding sources include employers, government agencies, foundations and other organizations that provide resources for post-graduate studies and that promote strengthening of governance and the rule of law:

  • Investigate funding opportunities provided by employer;
  • Investigate funding opportunities provided by local government, usually accessible through the ministry for foreign affairs, the ministry of the interior or the ministry for education;
  • Investigate funding opportunities provided by the U.S. government, usually accessible through the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate; and
  • Investigate funding opportunities provided by international and local foundations and charities, as well as the student’s alma mater.

We welcome your inquiries at prolaw@luc.edu.